Dream - Night Flight  

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7/23/2006 8:56 pm

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Dream - Night Flight

Mood: Introspective and calm
Dreamtime: 30MAR2006

Regardless of culture,
(for that is always evolving),
(because they come and go),
or belief,
(because the truth will always lead to the same place)
- the question of where we are going is simple and yet so far removed from the eyes of all ‒ the answer is...home.

I see waves break upon the shore and the sand whipped up scatters across the ground. I’m losing my mind. Holding on to the mind allows the place to exist. Slowly I fade and there is no more of the strange world...the connection ends.

A new one begins...
The cafe had lowered lights. Candles flickered in the stands at the walls. The play of light warms and shifts the faces huddled in conversation at tables throughout the café. A small bearded man stands to greet the stranger.

The stranger does not acknowledge the bearded man with words, but rather a stiffening of the body and a frozen expressionless face. Eyes bead narrowly to scope the speaker. It is a troublesome and suspicious world now. Who are my friends and who are my enemies? It is only a moment, but more than enough to display the unease that has been ignorantly established.

I choose to fade and turn to fly...slowly I rise, through the ceiling, above the roof...above the town a climb. Upwards into the night sky...

Nearing the end of the journey, the sky parts and night clouds give way to reveal a majestic city sprawled below with twinkling lights in a multitude of intensities. Only a moment to orientate, grab a breath, and then push on to the city.

What kind of world is this? It is strange and yet familiar for a reason that defies logic. In other words, it’s a feeling of familiarity - Something that does not come from the 'awake' state of mind.

The wind rushes by. A majestic, sweeping descent into the city begins. Goosebumps rise on my arms and neck from the thrill. Lights drawing nearer to reveal streets darkened by the night and muffled sounds of a city asleep. Through the streets a few feet off the ground, the city is explored. ..As the buildings and empty streets rush by silently. A Black Dog barks...and I see an Old man...

The old man asks for the child who is screaming incessantly. The young mother is beside herself. As she passes the babe to the old man, the crying stops. In that moment the babe slips into a relaxed quiet state of sleep. Occasional gurgles of contentment escape the lips and within a short period the baby is asleep. The old man says “The only thing worth living for is innocence and magic”

“But how?” says the young mother. The City Sleeps.

She marvels at the response that has occurred. The old man knows it is not really him per say. After all, it is the mother who has all the requirements to comfort a baby…except wisdom?

The old man knows that every young soul has so much to say. So impatient. Newly arrived into existence in this world and already biting at the bit to get going like they were already in the prime of their life ‒ so much to say.

In a few months they will begin to forget. Such is the way...and very necessary...otherwise they would never live here. It will take a life-time to remember who they are! Some never do. But for now they sleep a little more...


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