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Alien Language Class 101


In answer to a recent comment (thanks) on the Frankfurt Fuck Fest , I have placed a new Post.

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Before I begin to answer your first question “do I speak Alien?”, I have to point out that ‘Alien’ is too broad a term.

The Master Being E.Led once communicated (and I quote):

"All languages are Alien while there is no understanding of the terms being communicated. This is known throughout the universe by all enlightened beings. It even occurs here on earth. However, All languages are the same in purpose. From this perspective ALL languages are the same. An enlightened being realizes that at the ultimate level, it is all the same language ‒ it is one language, spoken in many varied dialects.

This is the First Enlightenment of International Space Travel ‒ That (Ultimately) All Languages are one.
...furthermore, from the teachings of Gense Remitt:

The illusion of difference comes out of a basic lack of knowledge and ignorance ‒ the horizons of understanding have not been breached. It is not until meaning has been connected to a term spoken or read that understanding takes place. All enlightened beings in all worlds in the universe understand this process. Until this process is allowed to take place, a word spoken or communicated is
EMPTY! - i.e. these alien words are without substance or significance in an unfamiliar beings mind. They are just EMPTY SOUNDS until the realisation occurs (the Kiri happens) that language just needs to be extended.

This brings me to the Second Enlightenment of International Space travel: Sound ‒ or rather ‘Ordered Sound’ is the first language. This is commonly referred to here on earth as Music. From the teachings of The E.Led:

"All Alien languages are an ordered pattern. It is a pattern that is repeated consistently for a given concept to communicate and this in turn leads to recognition and finally comprehension. Music, however, is a universal and at the same time high-order form of communication. Sound Energy that conveys meaning and FEELING.

The ultimate, 100% absolute, kick-ass Alien language ever is Music ‒It is universal through-out ALL known galaxies and most certainly it is a given in ALL evolved societies. Everything reacts to the energy of Music. This is Ordered sound that conveys meaning AND feeling. Nothing else has such a communicative power. Even words cannot begin to match the depth of communicative power as Music. Words can tell you ‘Sad’. Words can tell you ‘happy’…but music can make you FEEL ‘Sad’ or ‘Happy’.

Gense Remitt:
"In the Battle Stars of emerging societies there are initially two paths that can be taken:
(1) Out of FEAR ‒ two unknown societies meet and challenge to see which is the ‘Strongest’ (Survival of the Fittest). They cannot ‘talk’ to one another because they DO NOT UNDERSTAND the illusion of misunderstanding. This leads to darkness. Only one can survive.
(2) Out of LOVE ‒ two societies meet with music and celebration at finding each other. Music is the Universal Alien Language (All beings are blessed to communicate in this form). The challenge celebrated here is to expand the horizons and to share ‒ Music conveys Feeling and intelligence, even though each opposite “language” is temporarily ‘Alien’, respective to each other. This leads to the Light. Both can exist simultaneously. In fact its a must for each to Grow!"

In answer to your Questions, TakethemoneyRUN:
(a) Q1 ‒ 9 collectively aren’t questions. As a whole it is a Statement masquerading as questions. A statement of (potentially) damaging Ignorance…(This is not an insult to the Quaquakroneese, my understanding (from memory) is that the Quaquakronese are an intelligent, humourous and enlightened race of beings with the tendency to indulge. Heavily. They are a race not fearful to challenge and seek the truth through strong willed actions. I recall that they are famous for this throughout their sphere of influence in the known universe. For their inherent traits, the Quaquakronese have both loyal admirers and equally opposing detractors. Beware!

(b) Based on this observation, my answers will be equally unintelligible to you initially and yet make perfect sense in other ways (I am sure of this) ‒ it is a matter of perspective. I cannot pretend to be fluent in understanding Quaquakroneese. However I observe that it is not disimilar to another sub-language I am familiar with. Based on this I must stress my interpretation may not be as accurate as one would like. For the sake of Sanity of fellow beings here in Blogland, I will continue the communication of my answers in Earth English:

Your Questions will remain in Quaquakronese! Individually, they are very thoughtful and specific questions. Thankyou:

My answers:
1. Astel pastrq kaer?
‒ if my understanding is correct, you are actually alluding to the formation of the first ever space Orgy on Astel during the Girraffe /Camel Dromedary War during Battle 459 (Earth year circa 45.234 Million years ago). This is a very interesting topic indeed and worthy of discussion. Sources are scarce and inconsistent. Inaccuracies are abound. Over time facts have turned hazy into rumour. Rumours have turned to myth...and the eons have eroded any real substance of the event into Legend. Basically what is generally known on Astel is that a large piece of that barren rock was space-zoned by the C.C.C. (Council of Cool Camels) into a sports village (like the Olympic village here on Earth). A time period of 2.3 Kelstons was sanctioned to hold an inter-galactic Orgy of magnificent scope and grandeur (note: 1 Kelston = 3months,2weeks earth-time). This was during the hey-day of the Free-Love Collective Conscious during the 1st cycle of the Age of Aquarius. (Aside: This age is coming back again). It was held on a >>:_ (The Weekend) so that everybody could get back to work on closure of the Orgy. The event in question had long ranging effects that stretched through many time and space zones. It actually proved to be an absolute disaster! Due to ignorance and the plain incompatibility between species, the event turned pear shaped and disaster fell when drunk goats of unknown origin spiked the punch with an odd assortment of cabbages. These cabbages are completely harmless, except they induce hallucinogenic episodes in Dromedary Camels. This was O.K as Camels are pretty Cool and don't sweat. However, the catalyst for the ensuing catastrophe was the mistaken interpretation Camels had of seeking to have intercourse with the an @!(No known translation available). These are very agressive creatures that consider their mouths to be Holy! The Mouth of the @! is very similar to a Sexual Orifice. The conditions were obviously set for disaster. Out of interest, It is believed that a being called Gense Remitt was created at this same time...Sorry I digress. Gense Remitt ‘may’ or ‘may not’ have actually been invited.
My understanding of your question is whether or not I passed through Astel at this time?

A: No.

2. Do you kelllerfrate?
This depends solely on the mood of the worms who are in sub-molecular time travel. It is my understanding that this is a very taxing activity, but incredibly enjoyable! There have been many descriptions of the feelings experienced by a being who has been given the distinguished privilege to kelllerfrate. By the way, the root ‘Kelll’ means ‘pleasure’ in Dromedary! Intuition tells me ‘frate’ has something to do with journey. Anyway, My answer, alas is No. But I’d let Kiri Ninja’s piss in my eye to get the opportunity to kellerfrate. Oh, oh. Please don’t ask the subsequent question that goes with this revelation!!!!

4. Have you been to Ashqawa?
(Phew…you thoughtfully skipped Q3) I failed that paper in my 12th life...and I never bothered to resit.
(for those reading) Ashqawa is NOT a place as such. It is a level of consciousness commonly referred to here on earth as Nirvana. This is a loaded question and is just as valuable as knowing ones TRUE name ‒ both results should be guarded well! In answer to your question:
A: The last time I was in Ashqawa, I saw THE tree…and this fucking asshole of a dark being was hacking away at the roots and branches with an axe...worst of all, I didn’t do anything!!! Oh, if I’m back there again, this space cadet is going send that tree-killer to oblivion!

6. Ellefg or Jehghwwee?

I’m sorry I’m a little upset right now to answer these questions. They’re good ones though! (Fucking tree killers…

9. Asythuj kitl jggniod offoj na ffhte?

Thankyou, and yes I would be most agreeable to these terms. No, I don’t take it personally. If you knew Who I Really Am, you would know what kind of community I am searching for!

Would you like a more in-depth answer? or is that sufficient?

Perhaps another time...I look forward to Q13, 18, and 24.

[Intuition tells me there is a Quaquakronese stigma with the number 8? PLease enlighten].

FunSeeker Signing Off.

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