Quitting smoking...Day 3!!  

FunGuy20653 47M
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5/10/2006 9:45 am

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5/11/2006 9:37 pm

Quitting smoking...Day 3!!

Hey all !!

Ive actually gone 3 days now without smoking a cigarette! So far so good, but my jaw is sore as hell from chewing so much gum...lol.

But I wanted to thank everyone for all the words of encouragement, it really means alot. After all, having hot women cheering you on is great motivation.

I havent completely "freaked out" yet. Ive been a bit tense and so forth, but Im ok here. But, drinking coffee while chewing gum really does suck...lol.

Anyway, so far so good!!

But, I pose questions here, so heres another one:

Ladies, if your man quit smoking, what would you do to "motivate" or "help" him out??

I gotta hear these!!


kitz6 61F

5/10/2006 2:08 pm

Well, I would drop dead from the shock first thing, figuratively speaking! Then I would just not smoke around him and he'd have to spend most of his time outside since this is my house and I smoke. Hey, you all get what you wanted - fresh air!

rm_MzBug 54F

5/11/2006 8:17 pm

1. Offer encouragment verbally
2. Lend and ear when they need to talk
3. Not smoke around them
4. Be forgiving when they get "edgy"
5. Try to distract them when possible

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