My First Time  

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2/3/2006 10:43 am

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My First Time

Aloha my fellow bloggers!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but it has been a busy week. It was a good week, but busy .

As most of you know, I like to pose questions in my blog. However, for this edition, I am going to share a little about myself. I will tell the story of, what I consider to be, my first swinging experience. But, don't worry my blogging public, there may be a question at the end of all this! So, grab an adult beverage and kick back. Enjoy the story.

We are going back a few years, to 1992. Remember, there was no internet back in those days, so "swinging" was really and underground activity, only known by a select lucky few. A friend at work and I used to talk about some experiences he has had, and I must admit they intrigued me. Of course they would, I was 22 and working the midnight shift, while attending college full-time. I didn't have much of a social

Then one day I came across an ad in the local newspaper. The ad was for a young couple, and the husband wanted to fulfill one of his wife's fantasies for their anniversary. They wanted a small group of open-minded young men to please her at once. It was the style of ad that used a 1-900 number to operate, but that was normal in those ads back then. After talking it over with my coworker, I decided to answer it. I made the call on a Sunday afternoon, and left a brief but tasteful message for them.

Sunday evening, around 8pm as I recall, the phone rang. It was the husband of the couple, calling to say that he and the wife liked my message, and that they were hosting this little soiree THAT EVENING. I was in "the horns of a dilemma." I had to work at 11pm on Sunday evenings, so the timing would be tight, at best. However, having only a brief moment to consider my options, and after talking more with the couple, I agreed to meet them at 9pm. Thank goodness they weren't far

We agreed to the husband meeting me in the parking lot of a nearby grocery store. He showed up right on time, and we talked in the car about what this was all about, and what limitations there would be. It turns out he was also waiting for another guy to show up. He had invited just two of us, since it was our messages that sounded the most fun to them. He led me back to his home.

I walked in the door, sat down, and he called for his wife. She came down the stairs, dressed in her bathrobe, with new make-up on. We exchanged pleasantries and she then excused herself back upstairs. I found that rather odd at the time. After all, we were about to have sex, and she only briefly introduces herself. However, this was part of the evening the couple had planned.

The husband then led me downstairs, and handed me a beer from behind his cellar bar. The couple had a nice house, and I was told the kids were asleep upstairs, so all playing would be in the cellar. That was another thing that kinda bothered me, but they were cool people, and who was I to judge? We sat for a moment, watching a little porn. I was relaxed at this point, beginning to feel at ease.

The wife, a very attractive blonde with a very nice figure and demeanor, then came down the stairs. Dressed in a red tetti, she slinked her way down the stairs, and sat next to me. Her husband then left, saying it was time to meet the other man scheduled for the evening, and that the two of us should get "acquainted" for awhile. He left us there alone.

She was very nice, but nervous as well. We sat and talked, all the while the porn movie was playing. We didn't engage in anything, except kissing. She did not want to do anything without her husband there, and I compeletely understood. In all honesty, I felt just lucky to be there. She was hot, and I could tell she was growing more excited by the moment, as was I. Not long after that, her husband arrived back home, with new friend in tow.

The second guy was about my age, with long hair, and I pegged him for a metalhead. After all, I was one too, I know one when I see The husband then took charge for the evening, and told his wife to relax on the floor in front of us...and she began to masturbate.

He explained "the rules" to us once again. Condoms would be used for any intercourse, and there would be no attempt at anal sex. We were told to keep our voices down, so as not to wake the children. He then moved to the back of the room, hidden in shadow, and said to us as we watched his gorgeous wife masturbate..."why don't you help her out guys." I smiled, and removed my shirt. The other guy ripped off his shirt and pants...which I thought was a bit premature, but again, who am I to judge.

Since I have a true zest for giving oral pleasure, I chose to "go down" first. She was very very sweet. As my tongue circled and played with her clit, it all seemed a bit surreal. I was going down on her, as she was going down on the other guy. However, I noticed the other guy seemed a bit anxious.

The husband suggested that she was pretty wet and worked up, and that one of us should fuck his horny wife. My counterpart in this threesome jumped at the chance. We shifted position, and I sat on the couch. She took my pants off and began to just lick my cock...up and down...circling around the head. Her round smooth ass was perked up in the air, so our third could more easily slip his cock in her. He put the condom on and pushed his cock deep in her. I could hear her moan in joy at the feeling of having two cocks just for her. But, my counterpart began to fuck her hard, and fast. It didn't take much longer for him to cum. It was what happened after that that shocked us all.

After cumming way too early, he jumps up and puts his clothes on immediately. Telling us he is just too "freaked out" to continue, he apologizes and asks to leave. What an asshole!

All activity stopped. The husband, frustrated and just a little mad at the thought of his wife being used, escorted this jerk to the door. The wife was understandably upset, but to my surprise, she stayed upbeat...even going back to playing with my cock again.

The husband returned back downstairs and asked me how I felt. I told him I was here to have fun, and I'm ready to keep pleasing this woman. He smiled, and told the wife to continue sucking on my hard cock for him. This time however, he joined in, and began to finger her wet pussy furiously. The game was back on!

We took turns briefly. I wanted to feel her pussy all around me, so I fucked her for a good while before he wanted her back. We changed places for what would be the last time. She sucked my cock like it was the last one on earth, and knew it wouldn't be long before I exploded from all the excitement. One rule was that I could NOT cum in her mouth, and I tried to live up to that rule. But it all happened so quickly.

I told her too late that I was going to cum, and she caught some of it, but not most of it. The rest flew all over her glistening breasts, and it took all I had to try and keep my voice down when I came. It was an incredible orgasm...the result of an incredible evening.

I apologized profusely, and she understood. She wasn't all that upset about it, but I knew it bothered her. I felt bad, but figured, hey, things least I hung in there for

We all said our goodbyes soon afterwards, and the husband escorted me to the door. He shook my hand as I left...both satisified and hungry for more. It was this episode that sowed the seeds of my interest in swinging, and I fondly look back on this night.

I never heard from them again, this was a one-time deal.

I was 3 hours late for I paid the girl covering for me out of my pocket, and just signed in at 11pm. No harm done.

Well bloggers...I told you my story. Question is: will you tell me yours?


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