How dare they !!!  

FunGuy20653 47M
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6/25/2006 9:14 am
How dare they !!!

Greetings everyone.

I write this with a bit of a heavy heart.

I was stood up, TWICE, on Saturday. That's very hard to Oddly enough, this has happened before, with both the ladies in question. However, it still sucks, and you still never "get used to it."

I am sure each of them has a valid excuse for blowing me off. (instead of just blowing But wouldn't a phone call have been nice?

Thats right everyone, I am venting.

I am pissed! My whole weekend was ruined because of this. I could have gone to a fun M&G in Richmond, or joined a friend in Myrtle Beach. But, no. I made plans for early Saturday afternoon, and I was stood up.

There will be some openings in my life for new ladies. I'm taking applications

And to the two who stood me up, I hope it was worth it.

My Karma is hurting today, I need to straighten it Then again, so is my heart.


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