As I suspected.....  

FunGuy20653 47M
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1/23/2006 9:57 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

As I suspected.....

Hello out there in Blog Land.

Well I received a very well thought-out response to my last blog, concerning the need for friendship and compatability when it comes to sex. Good answer!

But, ladies, this poses another thought. Just how deep (pardon the pun) does this relationship has to be?

Can two people actually be nothing more than "fuck buddies?"

Let me know...



1/23/2006 10:49 pm

I am sure two people can say they are nothing but "fuck buddies", but there is always emotions that go along with sexual activities. I can't have sex with someone I do not like as a person. I am sure it can be done, look at prostitutes, they fuck all day with no feelings for who they are doing. But on here I am sure it is diff. (for most,not all). But then again, I have seen some women on here with a pretty freakin long list of testimonies about their weekly sexual activities. It comes down to, it depends on the people involved.
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hungry4sex180 40M/37F
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1/24/2006 12:06 am

the first,last and only :just fuck buddy" I had i am still with and it has been 2 years and we are talking marraige and kids. So emotions deffinatley run with everything.. ~Heidi~

rm_MzBug 54F

1/25/2006 6:26 pm

Evenin. I believe it would be easier from a guys perspective to have nothing more than a "fuck buddy". A woman is most always going to tie in some sort of emotion to a sexual experience. It is definatly possible to be "fuck buddies" and still be friends.

For myself I need to get the feeling from the guy that I have been intimate with that I am more than just a means to an end. On the rare occasion that I do make an error in judgement and actually meet one of the type mentioned above I lose communication with him and chalk it up to a learning experience. The one that can stimulate my mind as well as share a mutualy pleasurable experience is kept on speed dial

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