A Romantic Story...  

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8/20/2006 10:21 am

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A Romantic Story...

Hey there bloggers...

This was sent to me. It's a romantic story that was meant to turn me on. I wanted others to read and judge it. So here it is:

So do I start by setting the mood. There are candles burning all around in the room. Soft music playing in the back ground.You set up a blanket on the floor in front of a cozy fire. On the floor nears the fire is a tray of fresh fruit and some sweet wine on ice. You meet me at the door taking my sweater. You then hand me one single white rose. Leaning in to lightly kiss my lips. I turn allowing you to kiss my check. Softly you take my hand leading me in to your living room. Slowly you start to pull me close to you. You say dance with me. Then slowly you lower me to the blanket softly kissing my fingers as you do. Then you join me there on the blanket. You fill the wine glasses with the sweet wine. Slowly you smell my neck saying you don't know which smells better. Slowly I take a sip of my wine. Then I taste my lips in a way that makes you want to taste them. Slowly I take a piece of fruit and start to dip in my wine. Slowly I give you a bite of the sweeten fruit. I then take the same piece of fruit and slowly take small bites of it as I run my hands over your shirt just stopping short of your mid riff. Pausing there I place the remainder of the piece of fruit in my month. Slowly as I chew it I lean in a kiss the side of your neck just below your right ear lobe. As my hand moves over your side of your hips around to your back. As I start to pull back to look in your eyes. You moan don't stop. I tell you in your ear I have no intention of stopping there. Softly I kiss my way around to the other ear. While my hands are busy freeing your shirt from the back of your pants. Feeling my hands touch your back you start to caress my side of my neck. Slowly you start to pull my face around so you can kiss me. As you start to close in on my mouth. I then reach for a piece of fruit. I take the fruit and slowly trace a path around your lips. Then slowly I eat the fruit. Now I look deep in your eyes and say I want more slowly I lower my hot sweet lips to hover just short of touching to drive you crazy. Wanting more you slowly reach up and run your fingers through my hair pulling my lips in closer. You say you know I want you. Then you pull me in the rest of the way. Slowly you start to softly kiss my mouth. You pause slightly to taste the sweet juices left behind from the fruit juices. Then with a moan you say I am trouble. You then deepen your kiss parting my lips with yours. You make me want more I moan and respond by allowing you to deepen your quest. I can taste the sweet juices on the tip of your tongue. Slowly I start to undo your shirt. My hands burn your chest as I do. You moan MMMMMMMMM. I then pull away front your mouth to follow my hands with my lips as each button becomes undone. I lay a kiss in its replacement. Your start to run your fingers in my hair. As I reach your abs I finish pulling your shirt tails out. Sliding my hands across your abs caressingly. I start to work my way back up to your throat. You are a tempting to pull me over to my back to have your way with me.
Softly you say it is your turn. You take a sip of your wine. Taking your finger placing it in the wine. Then slowly you place that same finger to my lips as I start to kiss it I then draw it in my mouth tasting the sweet wine. You moan you say I said its my turn. You take a piece of fruit placing it behind my ear lube. You then follow with a soft kiss were you had placed the fruit. Then you place the fruit at my chin. Just short of an inch below my mouth. Slowly you start to burn a trail with your lips to follow the sweet trail of fruit. You stop just short of my mouth. Slowly you pull back and say you want to remove this from me. Slowly you start to remove my buttons. Slowly you pause just after removing enough buttons to see that I have on a red teddy. slowly you start to feel the edge of my teddy with your fingers. I start to moan and arch my back. You laugh and say I have to be patient. Slowly you lower your lips to mine. kissing me slowly you remove the rest of my buttons. You then pull my blouse open to expose the top part of my teddy. You then kiss me again searching your opening, as I start to give it to you. You then pull back looking down at my chest rising and falling you start to caress the nape of my neck. As I moan MMMMMMMMMMMM and arch my back for more. You start to trace around my teddy with your fingers smiling down at me. You say tell me should stop. I don't say a word I just start to caress my hand over your chest down to your abs pausing just above your waist. I trace around the top of your waist. Slowly I move my hand down over your pants. Slowly caressing you at the peak of your man hood. You Moan HHHMMMMMMMMMMMM saying I don't play fair. You trace the edge of my teddy just below my breast. As I start to moan MMMMMMMMMMMM. Slowly you lower your mouth to mine again. You say to can play that game. Kissing me deeply now you start to undo my pants. Slowly you start to slip your hand in my pants. You stop when you reach the warm spot of your Desiree. We both moan out aloud. Laughingly you pull your hand out and start to caress my lower stomach. working your way up to just under my breast. You pause there teasingly. Then slowly you work your fingers under the laces of the top of my teddy. Upon doing so I give out a heavy breath arching myself to you. You then laugh again saying Patients Dear. You start to trace around my nipples just short of touching it. realizing you are driving me crazy you slowly start to touch the tip of my nipple. I Moan MMMMMMM stop teasing me. Softly you start to caress my nipple. As you do I slowly start to ease out of my pants. You stop me and say you want to do that. You slowly ease up on your side. You start to remove then slowly. Allowing your finger to burn a trail down the side of my legs. As you remove then slowly you smile at seeing all of my teddy. You say how you like me in red.
You then come close to me again. Slowly you kiss me softly and deepen it as you go. I start to run my hands over your shoulders pulling at your shirt. Slowly you start to remove it for me while still not removing your mouth from mine. You pause when you are finish to say that I taste sweet as candy. I drag my nails over your back and down your sides. Your pin my hands down at my side. Slowly you moan MMmmmmm drawling in a breath. You start to kiss down the side of my neck releasing my hands to free your to caress me. Slowly your fingers find the straps of my teddy. Removing the straps just short of exposing my breast you pause. Lifting your face you watch as you uncover just one of my breast. softly you start to caress me. Then you lean in like you are going to kiss me yet again. But instead you Moan MMMMMMMMMM and go down and start to kiss the edge of my breast. I start moaning and running my fingers in your hair. I arch my body to deepen your need to please me. As you slowly taste the very tip of my nipple. It makes my body shiver not wanting you to stop. I ache for you to continue. You then release my nipple leaving me wanting more. You then turn your attention to the other side of my heaving chest. Slowly you remove the remaining side of my teddy to expose all of my breast for you to see. As you lean over me you say God is perfect at his job. Slowly you start to caress my breast with first one hand and then the other. Tracing around the edge of my nipples with your finger tips. You say I know what we need slowly you reach for the fresh fruit taking it in your hand you slowly squeeze it juices down over my breast. You reach for the wine glass and take a sip slowly you start to tip your glass a little. This allowing the wine to spill on my breast. I jump at the cool wine running all over my breast you let out a soft laugh. Then you lower your mouth over mine and lightly kissing me. You then lower your mouth down my throat. You follow the sweet taste of fresh fruit and wine down to center of my breast. You start to lightly kiss me skin to try to taste all the sweetness of the fruit juices and the sweetness of my flesh. I moan MMMM as your lips burn in each kiss. I start to arch my back again. You Moan MMMMM taken in my nipple softly between your lips. I then MOAN MMMMMM out YESSSSSSSSS. Slowly you taste me until you can stand it anymore. You must have more of me.
You start to kiss your way back up to my mouth. While still caressing me softly. Upon reaching my lips you deepen your kisses yet again. While kissing me passionately your hands start to roam down deep in to my inner thigh. Softly caressing my inner thigh, you say you want to have me you got to have me. Slowly you move your fingers over until you can yet again feel my warm spot, only to find out it is now hot with need for you. Softly you play with your finger lingeringly there. As you feel me get wetter and hotter you moan with pleasure. You slowly pull your hand away slowly you place your finger in your mouth. Then to mine you saying taste lightly you brush your finger to my lips followed by your lips. Moaning we deepen the kiss so deep that we can hardly breath. Slowly you pull back to remove the remainder of my teddy. You lay there looking at me so long I can feel the burn of your eyes as they search of my body. You say it just get better. You lean and kiss me again while reaching for the fresh fruit. You then trace a path down my neck, down across my chest, down my middle of my abdomen. Now you start to follow that same trail with your hot touch of your mouth. As you work your mouth lower my body start twist at your touch. You pause just short of my waist. Slowly you take the piece of fresh fruit and trace my inner thigh. You then follow the trail with a loud moan from both of us. you slowly start to taste my own sweet juices. My body start to twist and I moan OOOOoooYESSSSMMMMMMMMMMmm. You deepen your need to have me release and let you taste all of me. You start to feel my body respond to your desires. You then can taste my sweet sweetness as I moan YYYEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS YEEESSSSSSSS.
You then come up beside me and say how was that. I say it was great but I am not done yet. Turning you over to your back I say it is my turn.

Well folks...I have one question. Is this what women dream about? Are most women this romantic, or not?

Just curious...let me know!


_texas_eyes_ 53F

8/20/2006 11:55 am

ummm, sorry everything was going so slowly, i fell asleep halfway thru...lmao...

that is not my fantasy at all...

here is the reader's digest version...

we spend the day outdoors, fishing or riding motorcycles or waterbikes or whatever...

as the sun sets, we find a nice secluded spot and spread a blanket. we go for a swim naked and kiss and touch and play. we come back to the blanket and continue. i take you in my mouth and pleasure you until you cum and then while you are recuperating, you return the favor. you kiss and suck on my titties and explore my body with your hands (at whatever speed you choose). you become hard again and you take me like a viking until we are both spent and we lay in each other's arms, look at the stars and talk quietly or nap. then we do it again...

that's just me tho...i like romance, but i am not the flowers and candy kinda gal...some new fishing tackle or a picnic in the saddlebags works better. maybe burgers and beer and slow dancing to some blues every once in awhile.

_texas_eyes_ 53F

8/20/2006 11:58 am

wait...there is one thing that just drives me crazy...having a man wash my hair and comb it out for me and massages would definitely get him the happy ending.

i guess i like more playful romance than serious and sappy.

FunGuy20653 47M

8/20/2006 12:11 pm

I would have to agree with the outdoor scenario you wrote texas_eyes, I can handle picnicing and skinny dipping and mind blowing sex...

...a single white rose? ugh...its almost painful...lol


cookiequeen1000 54F

8/20/2006 4:48 pm

Very sappy. Thats never been my kind of fantasy. Like the skinny-dipping and bike riding better.

rm_MzBug 54F

8/20/2006 7:07 pm

Not into the mush and such myself. A nice dinner, walk on the beach and some mind blowing sex gets me every time. A comfy bed for a nap and all is happy in my world.


sexymermaid6956 64F
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9/4/2006 8:05 am

hmmmm...I think who ever did a fine job in expressing herself....thank you for sharing it...I don't see it as mushbut then it could be if you rolled over on a strawberry...I give her an A for being herself...Sounds like the begining of some hot sex to me...I like the warm up...lol...


Seduce my mind and my body

FunGuy20653 47M

9/4/2006 9:19 am

It is a good story, but a tad much...

Now sex in a garden, thats sounds fun!!

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