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3/27/2006 12:04 am

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The Chequered Board

First of all let me tell ya I know how I spelled my title...and I like it like that.

So it's been an interesting week.I'm switching jobs...again.I swear if someone ever puts me in a room wih everyone I ever worked with I could easily fill Madison Square Garden. It's kinda feels strange and nomadic. But not all together a bad thing. I know how to do a freakish amount of things and let's face it, it makes you oddly personable. I just need to do whatever I'm doing long enough to foot the bill for school.
Hmmmm... thinking. Well I started a new show which I was trepidacious about considering I basically dropped two others...and now I'm pretty much not getting paid any money for it but I like the subject matter. Doing show is once again alot like the nomadic occupation thing..trying on different shoes and walking a couple of miles in someone elses before you switch roles again and reinvent yourself. I hope this isn't a trait I'm going to pass onto my offspring. When a situation gets old , get out and become something else! What if?

Musing about the future is a complete waste of engery because nothing can exist beyond this moment except another moment that hasn't happen this one.......or........even this one

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