So he told me a Joke.......  

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5/2/2006 9:08 am

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So he told me a Joke.......

I got this strange little message from another member on aaf and it had by far the strangest openning I've ever recieved. He told me a joke...a long joke, a joke so long athat I litteral got to the point that if at the end of this joke I was completely laughing off my ass I was going to contact him, get him to tell me where he lived, who his mama was, and ask her how she could birth such a grandscale twit. But I have to admit this was a clever ploy to get me full and undivided attention before I read his real message and the joke wasn't bad either. I still haven't responded because I'm hella lazy right now but the fact remains that it was a cool tactic.

Sidebar: I just checked out a rather strange profile. I'm not about judging but this is another thing that sorta tied into the whole gimmick theme: check out Pet_Owner

And about the rest of all the life, sex, and costumed organ grinder monkeys of my sad crazy life.....let's just leave it at, TO BE CONTINUED

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