Karate Salad  

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3/30/2006 6:52 pm

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Karate Salad

The title has nothing to do with what I'm going to write. I've started just writing titles and just seeing where it goes from there so I'll be as surprised as anybody else at what gets said.

Doing theater is only for the most dramatic and eskew personage. Why do I do it ? Hmmm if you have any type of reason I'd love to know. The streach, the phsyical punishment, the rejection, the triumph. The petty battles with anyone who has the vaguest interest in the same role as you. Or is it sometimes....if only for the most infintesimal moment you just feel good. I'm feeling good I guess.
I lost five pounds !!! Whooo hooo. And I have been bonding extensively with my dog. Randomness, join. And I ran into my friend's divorced dad...who wants to date my mom. I have to think really hard about how I feel about that. Do I want her to die alone.....NO. Do I want my friend's father to be my new stepdad....Gonna say not so much. Now I have to avoid going to the park for a week or so. That's it. And the fucked up title lives up to it's purpose...to be as confusing as what I just wrote. Love your neighbor and shit... later

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