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rm_Almondnut 44F
115 posts
3/26/2005 12:11 pm

I think the AdultFriendFinder team eats lunch, comes back and deals with work stuff, then clocks out for the day, goes home, does taxes, pets thier cats/dogs, then crawls into bed dreaming of the weekend where they can sleep in and maybe catch a movie.

After seeing sex pics all day, you get just a little jaded. It takes something really spectactular to get a rise out of people then.

However, every now and then you get an eye-popper of a picture..then that one is shown to others to appreciate

expatbrit49 64M

3/26/2005 1:46 pm

Maybe she trades them with other editors LOL

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

mygmyg 60M

3/26/2005 2:28 pm

Fuknluvhavinfun, considering the "speed" at which the site works on the weekends, I would surmise that:
1) Staff is sore from the weekday submitions, and have called in "sick" not being able to "pants up" for the weekend.
2)lots of old coffee, warm cokes, sitting on their desk, bleary eyed and their Popeye forearms are bulging and sore from "manipulating"/editing content of their crothches and submissions.
3)Team members CAN'T do much of anything after work, except struggle to their bedroom and flop on their beds. Haunted throughout the night by the "grind" of another day at the
4)after initially assigning single work stations for the team, mgmt has now come to accept the true "team" concept at work. Initiating a trading stations at 15 min. intervals, this is mandatory, but a bad concept as the hottest submissions are under "constant review" at multiple stations.
5)Full body condoms are issued to the "newbie" employees for the first 6 months of work, while undergoing constant testing in an effort to keep the work site STD free.
6)Erectile disfunction testing is the main source of income for AdultFriendFinder, and the testing of its effect on women will soon be posted in the mag section.
7)Shift length for women is at their discretion, and for the men it is 1 of the above mentioned "vitamins" cycle, and then sent whimpering out the door, where they attempt to drive home without getting lost again.
Lost Blogs are due to trembling, shaking fingers of all the workers of AdultFriendFinder, natural side effect of the working conditions.

CaughtInADream 62M

3/26/2005 8:21 pm

I think they have an orgy room.

keithcancook 61M
18125 posts
3/27/2005 8:19 pm

They probably sell the rights to em and send em off.

PerthPete 51M
124 posts
3/28/2005 7:06 am

i think that keithcancook, is probably closest to the mark. just think of the amatuer porn sites. I have heard AdultFriendFinder ladies say that after you have seen one cock shot then you have seen them all so after a while the female staff would have had enough, but the men, well they are probably having problems, unless they are experiencing the same desensitising issues. LOL


3/29/2005 9:08 pm


flashingbob8 54M

3/30/2005 2:23 am

after a while it might get old, but from time to time their cums a pic that turns there heads (both of them if they have 'em) like yuors i think they look at it all day long

LimesMastsAvoid 71M
456 posts
4/1/2005 8:46 am

AdultFriendFinder hires Castrato's retired from the Vienna Boys Choir...I walked by the office, the screams were awesome..

PurePleezHer 54M

4/2/2005 12:16 am

I belive they get entertainment from all the submitted media, and from time to time, aroused themselves. They are human, and i'm sure one of those guys went to bed fantasizing of a wild 69 with you hon. I know I will ;-P

rm_latinNhere 54M/49F
3 posts
4/2/2005 3:37 am

to be truely honest i really don't think they give a shit! They go put there easy ass 8hr shifts when some of us work 10to 12 hrs a day 6 day's a week like myself! Myaybe that is why our profile had a Male's picture on our front cover where our handle is posted,and we didn't receive shit from anybody!lol
no i think they go home and whack off to us and you!lol T&J

rm_carradine12 43
21 posts
4/2/2005 6:04 am

when they see your pictures they probably rub one out. I know I do

eric_vie 75M

4/4/2005 3:17 am

I expect them to have their own little private collections of the real good ones....including yours

onlypunanilover 45M
2 posts
4/6/2005 2:59 am

hires them to keep horney guys keep paying and thinking that they actually going meet or meat one of them. but it is also an interesting fun website. and someone got to do it. peace

SexPalConnecting 62M
2 posts
4/6/2005 5:04 am

Excuse me...Hello excuse're interrupting. I have videos to watch and semen to spray. Please move a little to your left, would you be so kind?

SexualBrain 57M

4/13/2005 2:25 am

I think they become numb to it ... I mean really ... how many members does AdultFriendFinder have world wide now? I do believe they are coming up on the ONE MILLION mark! With their affiliated sites too! I suppose I could have come up with something Erotic. But I just put myself in those poor guy n girls shoes. They have to approve ALL photos in Pics or VIdeo intros ... Can you imagine going through ALL of those and TRYING to find imperfections or illegal things? Frankly I coundnt ... LoL

thickbrownbabe 36F

4/18/2005 7:21 pm

I dont even think they would hire a freak like me. Id be masturbating all through lunch break LOL

GleesFlakyShawl 51M
1620 posts
4/20/2005 10:22 am

they might do some compillation and showcase in any amateur pron movies festival....

rm_NaughtyNevin 49

4/26/2005 7:22 am

I think they probably mop their brows, then repair to the drawing room for a nice cup of afternoon tea.

NickRules999 40M
9464 posts
5/27/2005 3:49 pm

That is a good question. I have to wonder what they think of most of the entries they get. Some of them sometimes come to the chat room and advertise what they're looking for, and some of them have the most twisted fantasy ideas. Some of the profiles I've read are better than fictuion, but I think the AdultFriendFinder staff has seen them all.

Come into my realm! You aren't afraid...are you?

rm_R123Perez 36M
12 posts
6/17/2005 8:47 am

I bet half of them have memberships to the site. Their all just happy to get the inside scoop and be one step ahead all of us. Meanwhile on their lunch breaks they go meet a local member to satisfy the pent up sexual desire that they have from viewing all the members material.

rm_affbreak 47M
287 posts
6/18/2005 8:19 am

They whip their asses and start confessing their sins, right before censoring.

DeepsFirmsBurgs 60M
73 posts
7/20/2005 2:14 pm

They Jack off like the rest of us!! Hee Hee

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