A broken PC and a lack of photos.....  

FrustratedWriter 35M
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9/8/2006 11:11 am
A broken PC and a lack of photos.....

Well I'm finally back online after an 'incident' with my PC. The Incident in question of course is that the fucking thing ceased to be. It stopped working. It left this astral plane never to be seen again.

As it turns out it was less complicated than that. It seems that "Cardiffs largest PC store" sold me a power pack that is banned in some European countries. Well how about that? Apparantly for one thing, it uses up a huge amount of power (Explaining the high electric bills) and also generates a huge amount of heat (Which explains the hot hot room I've been writing in).

No worries though, a new PC later I'm still here to...pretty much write this blog as it turns out. I've still not had any replies. Maybe I should change my profile? Everyone I've read has just come out and said how they want to be fucked. I thought that just meeting someone and letting us find out for ourselves was somewhat more fun - goes to show what I know.

Lastly we come to pictures. What should I show? Again, I thought the eyes thing was a nice touch. Would a picture of my cock be better? Maybe I should start a poll?

I wish I could write more in these things. As it is though I write for a living and by the time I get around to here the wind is taken out of my sails a little bit.

Well take care whoever reads this. You should be proud you've made it this far.

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