Tuck Continued  

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2/1/2006 7:59 pm

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Tuck Continued

Cops became a regular stop at my house during Tucks stay. Every time there was a party a neighbor would complain.

Tuck had a great stereo system, with excellent speakers that he set on a lot of bass. So, the noise level in our house got pretty loud at times.

The first time a cop showed up though was because my sons girlfriend had called. There was no party going on, she and my son didn't want Tuck in the house and they thought wrongly that they could get us to kick him out if they called the cops enough times. Unfortunately for them it never worked in their favor. In fact you would have thought she would stop calling them when she didn't get her way the first few times. I kind of thought she didn't have much in the brain cell end of her brain.

I have no idea how many times they showed up. Lost count along the way. All they ever did was tell us not to allow the underage kids to drink. That's it. But they said it every time they got a call and came out and nothing was ever done. I always wondered how much of that was because Mike was at the parties and his being a cops son. I think a lot. In any case we should have gone to jail but we never did.

All of which brings me to the pot plant. Now when I first started writing this blog about Tuck I didn't think I would write about this. I mean after all I knew they had the thing in the backyard, so it doesn't really look that great for me, does it. To allow a pot plant to be grown in my backyard.

Tuck and 3 of his friends started it from seed, they cared for it and kept it hidden under and over hanging tree in my side yard all summer. Once it started turning cold in the fall they brought it inside, into the front bedroom my son and his girlfriend had vacated when they left. It was probably about 3 ft tall by then. They got a special lamp and kept the room lit and warm.

They were suppose to keep it a secret but of course that kind of secret gets out. Tuck was so proud of it, he had to show everyone, so word got out.

We had another party at the house, about 15 young adults were there for this party. The noise level got too loud and someone called the police. They arrived in force, coming through the gate into my backyard without permission from anyone there. They sat everyone down in the backyard and told them to stay. Only my husband and I were allowed to move around inside the house. They were more focused on me so I had my husband move the pot plant into our bedroom while I stayed out with the cops and the kids and Tucks dog. His dog was as gentle as could be, but it was a rott. (sorry can't spell the full name). The cops said they were bringing in a police dog that could smell out pot and they asked me to take Tucks dog into a room and close the door while they brought their dog in. So I took the dog into our master bedroom, I then sprayed hair spray all over the outside of my bedroom door and frame, closed the door with his dog and me inside and prayed.
My husband stayed out in the living room while the police brought the dog in. Now remember he had moved the plant, so the smell of the plant was all over him. From what I heard later the dog walked right by him, never stopping and went down into Tucks bedroom, they search his room from top to bottom with the dog in tow, then went outside with the dog, then took the dog back to the patrol car when nothing was found. The cops stayed, taking statements from all the kids, then up and left.

You can only imagine the state I was in at that moment. That was the last draw for me and the pot plant. After almost everyone had gone I went into the room and told Tuck that he needed to get rid of the plant now. There was a lot of arguing between us, and finally I stomped off taking my scissors with me, went straight to the plant and started cutting it up. Tuck came into the room started yelling at me. I think that was the first time I realized what an a-hole he was and that nothing mattered to him except himself and his wants. I was still ripping the plant apart when he took it from me, covered it with a box, and took it outside put it in someones car. I told him never again. Ever. I had had it.

To say Tuck was mad is putting it lightly. After issuing my demand that never again was he to grow another pot plant on my property he stalked away, and left for a few days. Did that stop him? Nope he tried one more time.

After a few weeks and things had calmed down, I noticed that Tuck was going over to the side yard a lot. At a small gathering I saw a group of boys hovering around something in the yard. After they had gone back to the patio/room area I quietly went through the far gate, walked slowly and carefully up to what they had been looking at, saw that it was another plant growing. It was dark, at night when I returned took the plant out of the pot it was in, ripped it up with my hands and threw it around the front yard, putting the remains under living plants in my front yard. I then went back inside washed my hands and sat down.

Tuck came storming into the house demanding to know what I had done with the plant. I told him I didn't know what he was talking about. He then went out to look in the trash bins, of course finding nothing their, he looked all over the front and back yards and couldn't find a thing.
He never knew it was me and I never trusted him again, but he stayed. That was the last time he ever tried growing pot in my home.

Take care everyone.


angelofmercy5 60F
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2/2/2006 6:32 am

Hi Kat....I just read all the installments of your story....what a time in your life! I'll be looking for the next chapter.

warmandsexy52 65M
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2/5/2006 5:13 am

Such forebearance, kat. I would have put that plant, plantpot and all, where the sun don't shine and Tuck would have been walking like he had ben three weeks in the saddle. There are some young people who only learn from bitter consequence and consider the patience of others' to be something to take liberties with.

It's been a great and fascinating saga.

warm xx

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