The Movies  

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6/9/2006 10:04 pm

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The Movies

We are on our way to the movies. Not to see the most popular one, just something we don't think many people will want to see.

I am wearing a loose fitting white skirt and roomy blouse with buttons. I have a g-string on underneath and no bra and no stockings.

He is in his usual jeans and shirt.

We arrive early and as we enter the theater we look around for the best place to sit. He wants the center and I want the back where I can stretch out a little. It is also darker in the back and most people sit closer to the screen. I win and we sit in the back.

We talk as we wait for the movie to start. It's going to be one of those dark, brooding kind that will work fine for what I have in mind.

As the lights dim and the music starts a few people trickle in, most of them sitting themselves a little back of center. Just as the lights go all the way down a group of kids come in and sit themselves down in the row in front of us.

I'm thinking "shit. Out of the whole theater they sit there". I am a bit mad, but I keep quiet. As the movie starts I look around to see if anyone else is too close. He sits sipping is drink and munching on his popcorn not knowing that I have other plans besides watching the movie.

It's about 5 minuets into the movie when I reach over and put my hand on the front of his pants. He jumps, then gets this grin on his face and turns back to the movie. I rub my hand across the bulge in his pants. I can feel him getting larger, so I gently unzip his pants. The zipper makes a bit of noise, so I am watching the kids in front of us. They are talking loudly and can't hear what I am doing do I continue to pull his zipper down. He unbuttons his pants and I reach in and take hold of his cock. I love the feel of him as he grows and I pull his cock out all the way. He squirms in his seat and slides down a tiny bit to make himself more comfortable. He is no longer eating the popcorn but holding it slightly above my hand that is stroking his cock.

I reach down to cup his balls and slide my finger down towards his ass. My finger can't go all the way back so I bring it back to just under his balls and gently cup him, then bring my hand up across the top of his balls up his cock and then press my fingers against the ridge on the front side of his cock which makes his cock harder, I then encircle his cock with my whole hand and start sliding my hand up and down. He is having problems staying quiet and one of the boys in front of us turns around to look. I stop moving my hand, and the boy turns around to the front, whispers something to his friends. They laugh and then get up and move away.

I can now lift my skirt up higher on my thighs for him to reach underneath and finger my clit. I lift one of my legs up and out and his fingers now trace along with inside of my labia down to the opening of my pussy, but can't quite reach in, then up to my clit, while I continue to stroke his now very hard cock. I take his hand away from my pussy and bring his fingers up to my lips and mouth where I suck on each one of them, then I unbutton my top and put his hand on my tits, the nipples are hard and aching to be touched, and played with. He gently squeezes them as I moan for more.

I have stopped stroking his cock and moved slightly more towards him, opening my legs even wider so he can play with my clit while my hands go to my tits and play with them.

I am very wet, very excited and am trying not to be too loud. Luckily the movie is loud, but I am trying to be as quiet as possible.

I push his hand away and get up, lean over his cock which is standing upright and put my tongue out and lick the tip, then my lips go over his cock head and I suck him into my mouth with gentle movements. My hand reaches down to his balls and as I touch him my mouth comes up to the head of his cock where I take my tongue and twirl it around the head and then my mouth takes all of him in, my hand is now at the base of his cock, squeezing and moving as my head comes up and then back down.

I release him and look up at his face. His eyes are closed and he is smiling. He opens his eyes looks at me then brings my head up to his and we kiss, tongues chasing each other and his hand moves across my breast, squeezing my nipple then moving down to my clit where he finds I am wet and ready for him.

We look at each other, then look around the theater to see if anyone is watching. No one seems to be so I get up, raise up my skirt and lower myself down onto his rock hard cock. I take him all the way into my warm wet juicy pussy. I sit down on him and grind myself back and forth, like riding a rocking horse. He had both his hands on my breasts as I lift myself up and then plunge back down. We are both breathing hard and moaning. We have to stay quiet as I continue to ride his cock. I reach down between my legs and play with my clit and then his balls, as we go faster and faster until he explodes inside of me. I am cumming as he finishes, grinding against him. I go limp but realize I have to get up, or I will leave wet spots on his pants. Well, more than are already there. I get up, turn around bend over and take him in my mouth, then I reach for some Kleenex I had brought just for this purpose.

I am afraid of leaving wet marks on my skirt so I hike it up and sit on the theater cushion, turn and smile at him as he zips his pants up. We stay a few minuets longer to catch our breath and fix our clothes, then we walk out into the fresh air laughing and holding hands.

Take care everyone

warmandsexy52 65M
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6/10/2006 1:53 am

Oh kat, that's really something! Wow!

Which brings a thought to mind.....

It's people like you who are responsible for all that popcorn on the floor!

warm xx

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