Story... Turnabout... 3rd part.  

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Story... Turnabout... 3rd part.

It took her over a week to talk me into taking one of the classes. I kept telling her what a miserable student I’d been in high school. And she would say, “I don’t care about what happened in high school. I know you can handle this.”

But what tipped the balance was Bill’s reaction after I hesitantly told him of our plan. He put on what I called his “wise” face. “Honey, do you really think that’s a good idea?” He said. “You know you barely got through high school. College is a lot harder.” We’d been high school sweethearts so he’d seen my failures first hand.

However, instead of cowing me, as it would have done in the past, it made me mad. “That was a long time ago,” I said. “And anyway, if I don’t try I’ll never know.”

A couple of days later he tried a different angle. “Honey, I don’t know if we’ve really got enough money for you to be going to college, things are tight right now.”

But it was too late. Rita and I had already enrolled.

The first A was a huge surprise. And it was the only A in the class. I’d worked hard to prepare for that first test but still it almost seemed like a fluke. But the A’s kept coming. And I learned that I loved working with computers.

“Didn’t I say you could do this?” Rita said one evening as we studied in her mobile home while her daughter did her own homework across the table from us. It really didn’t seem to bother her that I was doing better in the class than she was.

“Oh Rita, I am so glad you pushed me into this. I’d never have done it on my own,” I said. We enjoyed an emotional moment together, both of us getting tears in our eyes.

That was only a week before I worked up the courage to turn on Bill’s computer while he was away in order to practice my new skills. A week before my life changed utterly.

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