My Son, part 2  

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10/27/2005 10:41 pm

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My Son, part 2

Some of what happened with my son, his girlfriend and my border is my fault and I take my share of the blame.

I met my border (or is that boarder) at my job at that time. He was fun to be around but he could also be a pain in the butt but when he got kicked out of where he was living he asked if he could move in with us. At the time there was no extra bedroom, so he would have to move into our family room, an addition to our house that we weren't using at the time. The problem with the room was it had no doors on it into the main part of the house, but did have an outside door. He said fine, rent was set and he moved in. He went out and bought drapes to cover up the entrance to the family room from inside the house.

My son had a much smaller bedroom, with his waterbed which took up most of the room. My son was also nearer the 2nd bathroom. It was just outside of his room.

I was not happy at that time. I was looking for something more than what I had. Not a thing, but a life. I had grown up and was missing things I didn't have a chance to do when I was younger, before I got married. I was dissatisfied with my marriage also.

Our border brought with him excitement. New things. New music, his friends, a life I had never experienced. Fun.

My son was going through his own changes. He had his first girlfriend and his own friends outside of the town we lived in.

The problems began almost immediately. For the first time in my sons life I wasn't just plain ole mom anymore. I was doing things that he had never expected me, his mom to ever do. I was partying with the border, I was drinking again. I was enjoying a new part of my life. I was looking for something and in the end I had gone the wrong direction. I had gone too young. But at the time I didn't realize that.

We had a party at the house shortly after the border moved in. It was a combined party or his friends and my sons friends. Our border and most of his friends were surfer types. My son and his friends were gothic types. The two didn't mix. I personally liked my sons friends, yes they were weird, one of them had piercing's in places I never would have thought a guy could put them. He had a bone sticking through is lower lip, and his penis was pierced but that wasn't all that was pierced. He had a piercing through his nose. The center of his nose, but he was really nice.

I met my sons girlfriend for the first time at that party. She was slender, tiny thing that sort of looked like a horse, in the face. I know terrible thing to think about someone, but that's what she looked like, with long dark hair. She was dressed in holey black stockings and very short weird looking skirt.

My son got very drunk at that party. For the first time in my life I got really sacred for him and those around him.

I have mentioned before that he had a temper. Mix the temper with the drinking and he went off. He was in the garage when it happened. Several others were there including me. I don't remember what started it. I just knew he lost control and ran out to his car to get into it. We all went after him and dragged him back yelling and screaming into the garage. Several of the young men got hold of him and backed him into one of our freezers and kept him there until he cooled down enough to let him go.

To be continued.

Take care everyone


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