Kats story and The Renter  

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Kats story and The Renter

Having started this story I am now wondering how much I should tell. I even talked to Stan about it, hoping he would give me an answer, but of course he didn't, so I have decided to tell as much as possible about the 2 years that Tuck was there in our house and what went on, even telling the things that I played a part in. I am not proud of some of the things I allowed to go on, my husband instead of putting a stop to anything just let it happen. Why, I haven't a clue.

I look back today and OMG how lucky we were that we didn't end up in jail.

Tuck brought excitement into my dull life, he and his friends. I was looking for that at that time in my life, excitement, fun, going against the laws that should have kept me in check.

Tuck wanted to throw a party. A welcome to his new home party and we said yes. Please remember that all the kids were underage, not legal drinking age is what I mean. They bought a beer keg and had themselves a keg party, bottled beer and hard liquor was also there. The party was held mainly in the backyard and patio, kitchen, Tucks room and living room. There were around 20 kids there including my son, some of his friends and his girlfriend, myself and my husband.

My sons friends were nice if a bit on the strange side. One of his friends had a bone through his nose, and what looked like slivers of bone in his lip. His hair was spiked up, glued in place so it wouldn't move. His girlfriend was in this tiny black dress, with black stockings with holes in them. Not the kind of holes that are made but the kind you get from many uses. It was the look.

Tuck and his friends were all surfer types. Yes, Tuck surfed along with many of the others in his crowd. The two groups as you can imagine just didn't hit it off.

Tucks friends and Tuck himself got roaring drunk as the party took off, there was a lot of food to counteract the drinking but these boys could put the liquor away like you wouldn't believe.

Yes I was drinking, not a lot, but some. My husband just stayed in his chair in the living room as the kids trooped by to use the bathroom and then back out to the party. Some stopped to talk to him, most didn't.

This was the first of many parties that would take place in our home over the next 2 years. Some of those parties were large some were small and all of them had underage drinkers there.

To be continued.

Take care everyone


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