Kat's story continued  

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Kat's story continued

In those days, it was around 1965 there was still plenty of empty land that hadn't been built on yet in Southern California. So there were many places we could drive to with in a few miles of our homes. He only lived a block from my parents mobile home, in fact I could see his place from my bedroom window. Convenient don't you think?

Sex in a car of any kind is not easy, but we managed very well. We didn't just go out and have sex either. We went to dinner, or a bar on some nights or he picked up a bottle and we drove some where, sat and drank and talked and fucked. He also always used a condom. I was not on birth control at that time. It was not easy to go into your family doctor back in those days and ask for it. And there wasn't the places available back then that are today to go ask about birth control, so he took care of it.

On this night we chose a large empty field not far off a freeway in Torrance. He had some liquor in a paper bag in the back on the floor. We always undressed to fuck. None of this unzip his fly, and raise up my skirt stuff, nope not for us. We had finished and were laying back me in his arms in the back seat. There were no street lamps in sight of us, but his car was white with red interior.

We didn't even hear the cop drive up, didn't know he was there until he put his spot light on us. Scared us to death. He jumped up and looked around but by that time the cop was at the window of the car which was rolled down. He had a flash light in his hands and it was shinning in on us. He asked for our ID's, and told us to get dressed. In the process of dressing I accidentally kicked the bottle. There was no way he didn't hear the clank, but he never asked what it was or even searched the car. After we dressed (the cop was kind enough to back off while we did that} he told us someone had reported seeing the car and that's why he was there. He told us we were on private property and we had to leave. He also said there were motels for this kind of stuff and we should start going there.

To this day I wonder how long he was there. Was he there before we stopped having sex, and just waited, or did he really just drive up after. I can say one thing though. I bet he had a story to tell when he got back to the station and I can imagine they all had a good laugh at our expense.

We were very lucky and we knew it. He could have taken us in, I was under age and he never searched the car, if he had he would have found the 1/2 empty bottle of booze.

I have to say that didn't end all our nights in cars just most of them.

My lover took another job for awhile as security guard at a gated community in Rolling Hills, Ca. I didn't have a car of my own so I would borrow one of my parents and go visit him at the gates. On some nights when it was slow and he was at the back gate, not the main well lit up gate, we would have quick sex in the front seat of my mothers VW Bug. It was awkward to say the least but doable. I would lay back across the passenger seat and with my butt on the drivers seat, with the drivers side door open and do it that way.

To this day I love sex out in the open where there is a chance of getting caught. I now live in AZ where there is plenty of open space except now I have to worry about rattle snakes and getting a sunburn on my naked body.

I have only been able to get Stan out doors once at night in a local park not too far from his place. It was quick, but exciting and I have been after Stan ever since to try again somewhere else.

I will say that a bed is more comfortable and I can make all the noise I want to at his place, but still I miss that special excitement.

To be continued.

Take care everyone


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10/25/2005 1:11 am

Kat, I've been following and been moved by your amazing life story and the wonderful relationship you have developed between you. Thanks for sharing it.

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