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10/16/2005 9:54 am

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Body Art

There has been a lot of blogs lately about body art.

I am a very open minded person. I also consider myself unshockable (is that a word).

I have 5 tattoo's, and wish I could afford more, but its probably better that I can't or my whole body would be covered with them. The large one you can see on my photo was done for free, from someone learning to work as a tattoo artist. It is unique, a one of a kind, made especially for me. It's a dragon upside down, it's nose near my elbow, it's tail on my shoulder.

Tattooist are artists. Yes, almost all their work comes from books of tattoo's already done by someone else, but you still have to have the skill to draw a line, just like you would on a piece of paper, and the skill to figure out what colors would look best together.

For my dragon I had 3 sessions lasting 3 hours each, with a break. For the larger ones it can take months and years to complete.

Yes, it hurts but for me it was worth it. And I believe that is true of anyone who has them. To remove them is unthinkable for me, but it can be done. It costs more to remove them than it does to put them on, and it hurts worse, from what I have been told.

Did I think of the other people in my life before I had them done? No, why should I. They were going on my body, not their's. It was something I had wanted for many years, but it wasn't until I turned 50 that I had the first one put on me.

My son was still at home, but over 18. My husband didn't mind as long as he didn't have to have one. After the second he forbade me to get anymore. As you can tell I didn't listen to him.

We are all different. What a boring place earth would be if we all thought the same. There are some who love piercings, others nothing, still others paint toenails and fingernails, then there are the people who color their hair and women who won't leave the house without being fully made up. There are others like me who are the wash and wear type of person.

So, for me I accept people for who they are. The person within. And I don't make judgments on what the person looks like.

Have a good day all.


rm_j7088 54M
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10/17/2005 6:49 am

a tat i belive is somthing of a self expression and it is for one self that you get it i have two and had them done when i was in the service so i am happy for you and think that if you want more then get them as they express you

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