Rattling around in my head.  

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2/22/2006 11:23 pm

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Rattling around in my head.

At times I hate it when someone mentions something to me in passing that gets me thinking about it way to much.

Tonight Mrs.Cat mentioned that a friend of hers who is a photographer is wanting to use her as a model. For some face shots and some random ones that tend to pop up when doing a photo shoot.

Yes you guessed it I've done some time behind a camera. Until I sold all my stuff to pay for a lawyer I had a good set up of 35mm equipment.

Well thanks to the Ex-wife I had to sell it all just to pay the bills. Talk about one hard thing to sell.

A couple hundred dollars in my hand and poof went about twenty years of camera time and my ability to do it.

Well I got married to Mrs. Cat and we had three kids, I managed to get a basic digital camers and started taking photos again.

I have a nice collection of kid photos but it's just not the same as going out and taking photos of random stuff that you like.

Well now that she has me thinking I'm looking around the web and I found some stuff I'd like to get. I wonder how much trouble I can get into if I get the $400 5.1 MP digital versus getting the $1000 10.1 MP?

I wonder how long I'll be outside with the other alley cats dodging shoes that get tossed at me? Will I get fleas or have to fight off other cats for scraps?

Not to mention I start to think of all the good looking people I know that I could try and get to let me photograph them.

Well I guess Mrs. Cat and I will have a sit down talk about this and see where the line if for what I can get and when I can get it.

Wish me luck and if you see a fat cat that looks like me outside your window please don't toss any shoes at me.

Fritz the cat.


12/12/2006 3:22 pm

Hey fritz.. talk to the mr. before you purchase a camra..I do pro photos
yep .. I get paid for it. he finds the best deal on what I need..I have 5 camras.. so far the sony is the best and can take some ruff paws

best wishes
your frinds the muffs

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