Job Frustration  

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4/27/2006 11:19 am

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Job Frustration

I have to say, I am really frustrated about the status of a recent job I applied to on-line. I had applied to this job recently - this past Friday (April 21) and oddly enough the very last page of the on-line application said they do interviews on a walk-in basics between “Wednesday - Friday 12-6pm and Saturday 10-4pm” and “no appointment is necessary” so I went in the very next day on Saturday (April 22).

It made for a long day as I left the house about 11am and I had about a 50 minute - 1 hour drive to get there and got there about noon….I then had to wait 1 ½ hours before they called me up to the counter and have me correct any mistakes there were on the paper copy of the application and sign the required forms. Why? Because they were having “problems with the printer” - which I can understand, I’ve had printer problems too - but they didn’t tell me this until after at least an hour of waiting….once I got all the paper work done it was another 1 ½ before I got called back to the interview room….oh, finally, it only took 2 ½ freaking hours after walking in the door!

Now, I was mostly pleased with how the interview itself went and thought the interview went very well….and we talked about the passions I was interested in (there were 4)….at first 3 of them were “full” but then changed that and said “I think they’re full, but let me check on this” and left for a short while….when the interview came back she said “OK, we can fit you into [my #1 preference]”. So, I got the impression it went very well and thought the interviewer thought so too and I got the job....but I was told I should “get something in the mail in a couple days”. The “fit you in” really got me and I thought it meant that the position was indeed full (or only had 1 or 2 openings) but they like me, wanted me and were LITERALLY going to “fit [me] in” what really got me was just waiting for them to work things out and I’d get a confirmation and an invitation to come back. Total time of this interview process, from the time I walked in to the time I walked out: 3 hours (5 hours if you include my driving)!

That “in a couple days” turned out to be yesterday and….now THIS is where it gets REAL good….imagine my surprise when that “something” was a postcard saying “unfortunately we are unable to make a job offer”!

What? I couldn’t believe it….I was told “we can fit you in”, so at no point whatsoever in the interview process did I ever get the feeling that I was “under consideration” which I took to mean they wanted me and it was a sure thing!

What makes matters worse is that I had even got an e-mail from you last night that said “we are especially working hard to fill our [withheld] department and [withheld] positions….” which were - in fact - two (2) of the four (4) positions I was interested in! How can I not help but find that to be frustrating. To put it mildly, I’m pissed off!

Now, I have been rejected before, so I understand that, but this one hurts because - like I said, I was under the impression it was a sure thing and I was really interested in and wanted this job.... hell, I had even turned down other offers in anticipation of this one!

I had even said to the interviewer before leaving that “it’s about an hour-long drive for me but it’d be worth it”. So, I’d like to know, how may people would be willing to do an hour-long commute….with how gas prices are these days? But, believe it or not, I WOULD HAVE - that’s some commitment and that’s how much I wanted this job!

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