And they do it AGAIN!  

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3/27/2006 9:04 pm

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And they do it AGAIN!

No, oddly enough I’m not talking about the bullies this time….I am talking about who I believe is the best women’s basketball team! I had said before they were going all the way and WE’RE GOING TO BOSTON, BABY!!!! Oh, and did I mention some of the players - including our 2 best players - had/have a stomach flu? Yep, it’s true….but it didn’t keep them down….it only slowed them down but they were STILL able to pull off another win! Now that’s a mark of a GREAT team!

And what makes this so great is just like I have always been myself my entire life, we (well, the team anyway) have always been doubted and when no one thinks we stand a chance we get the win! Believe me when I tell you, we all loved it when we’re doubted….we love it because we thrive on it….we thrive on proving to everyone wrong - no one though we’d beet North Carolina but WE DID (on their own court, by the way), no one thought we’d beet Duke but WE DID….when it mattered the most, knocking them out of the ACC Tournament! So keep doubting us, ‘cause we love it!

We are in the Final Four and it is our time!!!!

No matter what happens next weekend closing out the Women’s NCAA Tournament everyone has to admit - yes, even all of you doubters - that we are definitely contenders and should not be taken lightly! Myself and everyone that has always supported this team are very proud of these amazing young ladies and love them more then anyone will ever know!

I believe in you, girls! Fear the turtle!

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