My Friday  

FriendlyFuk66 51M
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4/29/2006 11:02 am
My Friday

Well today is my friday at work. I would really like to find one of those real jobs where a person works days with weekends and holidays off, but for now I have to at least keep a paycheck coming in.
I also found out I may be a bad influence on my roommate. He got called into the HR director's office yesterday. Seems that he had made some co-workers mad and they complained about him. After he got talked to about that then they told him how they didn't want to lose him since he is such a good worker. That is the same thing that they told me, plus the co-workers that are complaining are being complained about on a regular basis and don't even do their jobs properly. I do know that I need to get out of there since they seem to coddle certain employees while making sure that the ones they say are good workers that they don't want to lose are getting warned to "play nice."

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