Garage Sales and Auctions  

FriendlyFuk66 51M
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5/27/2006 11:25 am
Garage Sales and Auctions

Well I spent a little while this morning driving to different garage sales around this little town. I can honestly say that some people think their stuff is worth quite a lot. I did buy one thing but I made sure that I got a good deal on it. As I was driving around I got to thinking about a line from George Carlin where he explains how you may have stuff but everyone else's stuff is shit. I found that to be true this morning for the most part.

I am also a big fan of auctions. I like to go to different auctions depending on what is listed on the auction bill. I missed out on some auctions recently that I would have liked to attend but my priorities are such that the auctions aren't as high as other things. Now I usually go to auctions and garage sales to see if I can find things for personal use or to sell on Ebay to make a profit. I am usually pretty lucky in turning a profit as I do my research to find out what will sell.

One other area I may be getting into shortly here is the storage unit sales or auctions. I have talked to some people who have found some amazing things in some other's storage units.

So are you a person who likes to go to garage sales or auctions? If so, do you go to find things for your own personal use or do you try to find things that you may try to profit from?

Do you do the storage unit sales or auction thing? If so, what items have you found that the original owner may have forgotten about that you found either interesting or amusing?

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