Divorce hearing scheduled  

FriendlyFuk66 51M
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4/28/2006 10:28 am
Divorce hearing scheduled

Well today we went in front of a judge to get the divorce hearing scheduled. Her attorney wanted to do it today but I still don't have all my paperwork from my former attorney so the judge set the date for a little over 2 weeks from now. The ex looked surprised when I requested primary custody of my daughter and her attorney is in for a surprise at the hearing when I get her to admit to the lies she has told. I was also dealing with this after getting about 2 hours of sleep since I had volunteered to help cover a shift at work.
Guess now I have my work cut out for me. I have to get some paperwork from her doctor concerning her smoking and caffeine habits where it concerns the nursing of my daughter. I also have to get ahold of some paperwork concerning her income that she didn't report to DSS for food stamps purposes. I figure with the lies that she told everyone, including me, that it is time it all catches up with her.
Can't wait for this to be almost over with.

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