An Erotic Encounter  

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An Erotic Encounter

What sort of Sexual Encounters do I enjoy?

I’ve been lucky to have a few. Each was different, and each was good in it’s own way.

Let me describe one, so you can understand the sort of thing I mean…

I had met a lady online once. We chatted for awhile, and decided to meet for coffee. We had a nice time, but nothing seemed to “spark.” That was OK.

But we continued to chat. And one night, she told me that she would love to go skinny-dipping but didn’t have the nerve. We started talking about more and more erotic things. It was late in the night. She had been drinking… she started sharing her hidden fantasies. She had always wondered what it would be like to be totally out of control. That is what being nude like that symbolized for her. If she were skinny dipping, and the person with her wasn’t... what would that be like? She was a supervisor at work. She was always in control. She would like to experience it the other way… out of control… helpless… but with final say so nothing got too crazy… If only there were a way…

An idea fermented. We made this wild plan… and she was really into it, because she was sure it would never happen…

But I remembered. And the next day, I reminded her in an email about what she said.

I called her that evening. There was a slight tremor in her voice as I asked her if she remembered what she said we would do. She was nervous. But she was excited. And I told her that we could let fate decide…

Letting fate decide is such a great way of letting go… It can allow us to do things that otherwise we would be too uptight to try. It’s even better than drinking so you can blame it on “I was so drunk!”

We met again. This time in the evening. We had a few drinks, and returned to my place. I started a fire. We pulled up some pillows. I opened a bottle of wine, and got the cards.

Yes, cards.

We played Strip Poker.

Winner takes all.

She pretended to be competitive. It was fun as we bantered back and forth. But in the end, she had come over with only a blouse, trousers, and two shoes. In her heart, she didn’t want to win, and we both knew it.

Soon, she was naked. She had “lost.”

She stood before me, trembling, and waiting. I had her place her hands behind her and cuffed them with the padded cuffs I had. Then I blindfolded her. I gently pushed her to her knees. She was panting… waiting.

I walked around her. Commenting on her nudity. Commenting on her body. Telling her how she looked. How she was arousing me by kneeling there, naked. I unzipped my pants close to her ear, so she could hear it. Then I brushed her cheek with my erection.

She moaned. Her head turned, and she tried to kiss my penis… or take it into her mouth… I didn’t let her. Not yet.

I teased her some more and then lifted her up and carried her into my bedroom, where more surprises waited.

I tied her to the four poster bed. First on her stomach while I teased her with my fingers and tongue. Occasionally, I would spank her, lightly. Or slap her thighs with the end of a riding crop ‒ never painfully… but enough to remind her she was in my control.

She was squirming, and I could see her wetness clearly.

I told her that before I was done, she would beg to be fucked.

I teased her more ‒ up and down the spine, across the tender buttocks and inner thighs. The backs of her knees were particularly effective…

Within ten minutes, she was begging, between gasps, to be fucked. (Something she had told me at the beginning of the evening that she would never do…

I rolled her over ‒ and tied her again.

Now, I teased her front ‒ her nipples, her throat, her belly… and below. Every now and then, I would brush against her with my hard penis… letting her know how aroused I was. A few times I brought it to her lips, and she took it in her mouth happily… and when I pulled it away, she would whimper. She was totally lost in the moment.

I began to lick her all the way down her body.

By the time my tongue reached her clit, she was shivering and moaning. I flicked around it lightly, and then slowly closed the circle until I was right on the tip of it… licking it directly, and with purpose.

With a shameless scream, she came, shuddering as she gave herself over to the orgasm. I always enjoy watching a woman cum.

When she could breathe again, she started begging once more to be penetrated.

By this time, I was ready to grant her request.

It was so easy to enter her. The bed was already soaked, and her sex was covered with her cum.

I knew I would not last long, but I tried to make it wait. I would stroke, and then hold ‒ waiting for the sensation to subside so I wouldn’t erupt. She would buck beneath me, desperate for the fucking to continue. It was, in some ways, and agonizing dance we played… her trying to rush me, and me taking my time…

Finally, I could take it no more. I yanked my throbbing erection out of her and straddled her chest. My right hand stroked my cock, while my left one yanked off her blindfold. Her eyes were ablaze, almost feral. She looked at me stroking, with a hungry look in her eyes.

I reached behind me and fingered her as I stroked myself, and she gasped. I could feel her body tensing again, and this time I erupted, spraying hot cum everywhere.

Her body shuddered and spasmed, and she came with me.

By the time I could finally untie her, we were both totally spent. Laughing and sighing, and collapsing in a feeling that only a mind-numbing orgasm can bring.

“That was amazing,” she said later when words came. “But I guess you’ve been told that before, huh?”

“Well,” I said, “I think all women are polite. It’s hard to say.”

“No… if a woman doesn’t like it, she’ll lie and say it was nice. Or maybe even good. But she won’t say: ‘Ohmigod that was amazing.!’ And that’s what I am saying now. Thanks for doing that for me. It was amazing.”

And, it was really great for me too…

…And then…?

What happened to this sexy woman after we shared this incredibly passionate and sexual evening?

About two weeks later, she said yes to a boyfriend who had proposed to her. She moved out of town within a month.

Before she left, she sent me an email. She said: “I had been on the fence about marrying him, but he is a good man, and I do think we’ll be happy. Please don’t be hurt. Friday evening was amazing. I wasn’t lying. But, you don’t marry your fantasy…”

Do I feel used? No. I feel happy. Happy for her. Happy for them. Happy for us.

We both knew it was about that night. Sure, I thought there would be at least a couple more nights… but I had one, and that is enough.

That’s what I mean.

No regrets. No guilt. No second thoughts.

I wish her well.

And I will always remember that Friday night fondly….


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may i say ... Well Cum to BlogVille!!!

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