Yodeling in the cave.  

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3/21/2005 10:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Yodeling in the cave.

I read on here that women are tired of seeing cock shots. Then again, I read that women are tired of getting e-mails from every Tom, Dick, and Harry Sac out there too so I'm guessing that the laidies are just gonna complain about everything because that's how things work.

But really, are cock shots that hated? Or is it just the cocks that are accompanied by a fat, hairy beast with a huge belly or are dripping some kind of strange white fluid from their tips? I mean, if Brad Pitt or Usher posted their weiners with a little shot of the six pack and v-cut added, do you think women out there are going to be complaining?

Lemme answer that: Hell no!

So, I pose this same question to you men out there: Do you like to see the shots of the reddish fleshtone labia and a little brown stinkstar accompanied by nothing more than maybe a few cellulite saddle bags or picture border?

I mean, really...we aren't all that different! I like to see a little hint of the goodies that she has but I also wanna see it with something else. Like, um, I dunno...a body?! Isn't it more erotic when things are left to the imagination? Doesn't making things rather gynecological kind of take away from the sexiness of it and make it just, well, just plain...gynecological?!

Whaddya say?

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Alias2Nite 44F

3/25/2005 12:07 pm

I don’t think women are getting tired of e-mails from “every Tom, Dick, and Harry Sac out there,” women like attention. What they don’t like are stupid, bad, thoughtless, insensitive, e-mails from men who think they are cool. For example, when you receive an e-mail from a man that starts out “Yo baby yo” it tends to be a turn off and even worse when it’s followed by “come suck my cock bitch.” That might work for some but does nothing for me.

Who are all these people that hate cock shots? I’ve never heard that but then again I don’t talk to a lot of women. I guess after a while if you’ve seen one you’ve seen em all and when there is just a cock shot posted it doesn’t provide any originality or other view. To keep things in perspective though this is AdultFriendFinder and from my experience most men are just looking to get laid and don’t care a whole lot about erotica, sexiness, etc… It’s nice when you can find someone who you can have an intelligent conversation with along with a sexual experience but those seem to be far and few between. I’m all for a great cock shot but it would be nice to see a picture once in a while with another body part or maybe even some clothing!

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