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3/19/2005 3:00 pm

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The blog of all blogs!

For all my peeps out there, enjoy the nonsensical ravings of the lunatic mind, for they are wonderful and glorious!

What shall I talk about? Scoring? Nah, too typical. Butt sex? Even more typical these days (to someone special; note: TYPICAL!). How about motocross and my sick freestyle moves? I don't think anyone would have a clue what in the Hell that's all about on here.

What a predicament. How about just a really cool thread about everything and nothing at all. Tell me anything you want, about anything. I'm not really looking for a complaint section where the guys whine about how they're gettin' none and the girls complain about how many messages they get from the guys that are gettin' none. Instead, say something unique to you. In other words, be yourself and let everyone know who you really are. Then, maybe, you'll learn all about the opposite sex (we're not all that different, ya know!) and get yourself lucky!

Oh yeah, if you're really in a bad mood and wanna piss all over my parade, feel free to. I can take it. Besides, bad attention is better than no attention! I also love to chat and I will work my magic to help you see the light of day.

So, get on it. Don't make me delete this shit because of inactivity. That would just be sad.


nicole4fun74 44F

4/3/2005 2:35 pm

You are awesome, Freestyle!

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