Attention fellow blogophiles!  

GonadMadamFilth 45M
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4/18/2005 5:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Attention fellow blogophiles!

I was just wondering, do you find yourself still going through profiles? Now that I can no longer see profiles, I don't know if I really miss them.

Besides, this blogging thing is far more interesting and intriguing than reading peoples formulated profiles. You get a far better perspective of who and what they are through here, even though they may be 3000 miles away!

I figure I'll just play with this for awhile and let the chips fall where they may and see what comes my way.


4/19/2005 2:57 pm

I agree with you, most blogs are far more interesting and intriguing than reading peoples formulated profiles. I do however still like the profiles for basic stats and pictures.

GeeGeeLyn 34F

4/20/2005 3:08 am

Has anyone ever really browsed through profiles? I mean for standard members, finding info about ppl on profiles is about next to nil. So I guess blogs are a good alternative. But then again, some ppl just put interesting things they come across in their blogs (like myself). if thats the case, what do ya look for in the posts to come to a conclusion about the person?

GonadMadamFilth 45M
153 posts
4/20/2005 8:47 am

Gee Gee: I see lots of things. I value a sense of humor and you can really tell that from a "writing" as opposed to just taking "I have a great, witty sense of humor" for granted. Also, when one posts enough, it's harder for them to pretend they're someone else if they're being phony. The truth eventually comes out if they stick around long enough.

We can still be fooled, it's just more entertaining this way. The profiles were getting rather monotonous and I was losing interest quickly, betwen the bots and the non-replies.

And I also like to read their interesting tidbits. There are some regular blogs that I go to everytime and I look forward to what they have new to say. It shows another side to the members, a more human side...a personality.

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