Sorry about the lag...  

FreakInstinct 45M
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5/8/2006 9:54 pm
Sorry about the lag...

I apologize, everyone. I spent the weekend down in Chicago at the Anime convention, and didn't spend any time answering or not answering emails, winks, comments, criticisms, chums, buddies or even voicemails.

The Con was actually kind of cool though. We had tons of Cosplayers there (term for people who dress up like Anime Characters [see: OCD]), and some of them even pulled it off. I personally bought a 1960's era formal men's kimono and a modern-day Shaolin Monk's prayer robe. I also bought a buttload of grab bags because I'm too undecided on what loot to buy. There's so much useless CRAP!!! I love it.

So now I'm back up here, writing blogs everyday that I can. I'm going to be looking forward to sharing whatever experiences I can, for good or ill.

Any questions, drop me an email...I'm always ready to read and keep up with folks.


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