Thats what friends are for  

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6/1/2006 2:16 pm

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Thats what friends are for

I finally broke down and contacted my friend whom I haven't seen since January. My FWB well rather FB as there is more bennies than friendship. Don't get me wrong, there are pleasantries after.

This time I met him at his home. He s a kid in comparison. 28. Lives with mom and dad while saving up to buy a house. He s an EMT but his uniform is navy and official, reminds me of a cop.

I met him there at his house on a quick break from work. He opened the door let me in, closed and locked it behind him. We kissed briefly then I headed up the green shag carpeted stairs to his room. As I was leading the way, his hand slip under my dress and started to caress me. I walked in and their were cowboys on the walls, and firetrucks in glass display cases stacked up - it reeked of high school. What a flash back.

I couldn't decide which fantasy should run rampant in my head, the cop or pretending to be skipping school and fooling around in his bedroom. I was always such a good girl that I never did that in high school. I waited til I was 20 before I started having sex and then married my first lover.

I felt a bit like Mrs. Robinson but he was no virgin. This friend has the whole package, talented hands, skilled tongue and a whopping thick 8 inches.

I entered the room and we embraced for a passionate kiss while he fingered me. I began to moan. I was soaked and ready for him. He had to make sure I was taken care of first though. He whispered forcefully, "come for my hands first damn it" and i did.

We were totally dressed still, my hands couldn't find there way to touch him the way I wanted. I fumbled with his belt, the buttons on his uniform. I dropped to my knees and pressed my face into him, my mouth searching for its target and forced myself to stop long enough to undress him.

While still on my knees, I kissed his amazing cock, frenching the head and running my tongue along the underside, stopping to suck his balls and finally back up the top side. I grabbed his ass, licked my lips and tightened them. Placed his penis to rest against them and then used my hands to pump him into my mouth so it would simulate the feeling of another tight hole. I sucked, rotating my head from side to side while bobbing up and down all the while my hands were doing the same motion but in reverse.

He was ready to cum, but since I play it safe I let him play with my breasts. I held them together while he pumped and came on me. He cleaned me, then himself.

I hoped onto his bed. Waiting to see what would play out. He says if you want more you re going to have to help me out a bit with a twinkle in his eye. So I slid my head over the edge of the bed and was able to take all of him in my mouth in his weakened state. It didn't last long though and soon he was suiting up, condom on and on top of me.

He just pushed into me not slow nor hurtful but powerfully. He pounded away at me and there it was again, me climaxing. How is this possible in 15 minutes I wondered to myself. Once the waves were over, he flipped me onto my stomach and said on all fours now. I let him, o yes. I want it harder but he already knew. "Please," I asked, "pull my hair." Happy to oblige he did. "Harder" I moaned and he did. Then he pushed me down, while using my hair as a guide and did the surprise attack with his thumb where the sun don't shine. I couldn't take it and came again so intensely that I had to halt everything. He didn't finish a second time, he just got up and put that uniform back on with the biggest, "I can fuck you into submission"est smile on his face.

AltumHunksUnite 54M

6/8/2006 7:32 am

Mmm... nice story.

Let me drive. I like the view

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