A bit of fun  

FrannieKStein 47F
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8/9/2006 8:35 pm

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8/20/2006 5:04 am

A bit of fun

What a wonderful day I had yesterday. The kids went back to school (whoopee). Don't get me wrong, I miss them already.

I left my party, in uniform, to go to work. I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off, but they wont know it. Its my sanity time that allows me to avoid the turbulence at home. Instead, I headed over to a special friends house. Well, actually I had enough time to stop at the mall for a new swimsuit. I ve actually got a bit of drawer space at this friends house. Nice to have little things tucked away. I am so comfortable with him.

I changed and then we headed out for dinner. When we returned, the first thing I needed to do was get some goodies I had leftover the weekend. Lipstick, a license, a scarf. As he was getting the items together, I picked up the scarf. I took a deliberate pause, looking at him, waiting for him to feel my eyes on his body. He had to have known what was on my mind, because when he looked up I knew the game was on.

I tied his hands behind his back, then slowly undressed him, leaving his shirt on and pushed him onto the bed. The whole time this is going on, I m trying to come up with a game plan. What to do, what to do.... i ve never done this before. I ve only experienced being bound once..and that was a different game and a story for another day.

I went out of the room and slipped into something silky, black and sheer. I didn't cover his eyes, I wanted him to watch. I leaned over and kissed him deeply and pulled away. I always pulled away with a smile the more insistent the kisses became. Eventually I had to rearrange his hands, binding him to the bed.

My hands caressed his body. My lips licked, sucked and kissed a trail to his erogenous zones while I began to tease my own breasts. He picked his head up trying to work his magnificent lips towards my nipples. Oh no, I thought, he s enjoying this. Time to tease again.

I went for some toys, the bullet seems to be my favorite. I proceeded to enjoy it and allow him to be the voyeur. He could only watch and not touch. That was quite pleasing to me.

Eventually I couldn't stand it and had to go down on him. I had to touch him, had to feel him, had to taste him. Its funny that I can finish first even that way. Incredible what that man can do.

LookandWink 64M

8/10/2006 12:16 pm

Mmmmm ... what a sensual way to start the school season!! Hope you have many more like this!

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