Working in Amsterdam on the doors to see women  

Fozzy_Wozzy_Woo 48M
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3/9/2006 11:55 am

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3/11/2006 6:23 am

Working in Amsterdam on the doors to see women

Well tonight I go back into Amsterdam to work on the doors. Its great working on t he doors as you have to power to allow access or just reject the drunken geeks.

I really do enjoy standing on the door and having the women come in and flirt with me so i remember them for the next time they come. This has lead to some really nice situations with the women coming in and asking me back to there apartments / hotel rooms (holiday makers). i reject most of them as being sober with them and the women being absolutely blasted doesn't turn me on.
It is nice to have the sober ones come back at closing time and talk with me and ask me out.

It seams strange that some one who works in the day as a computer ict consultant with a rather boring job that wouldn't turn any heads seams to get an air of mystic when working as a bouncer on the doors.
I don't know what it is. May be it is the case that i am sensible and with it when I do this.

Its a bit different when i take care of some girls on the red-light district. they are nice and good girls but i don't touch. I have been out on a few dates with the girls but i made sure it was on a day that they weren't doing anything. These are some of the most honest and trust worthy women I have ever met and i have allot of respect for these girls. It is a hard job to do what they do..

If I was a girl i think i would try it. I love sex and I cant get enough at times.

LeEnchantress 56F

3/9/2006 12:42 pm

Yeah... i love sex too.. but would you love it with someone you really weren't attracted to?
I'm sure that from time to time these women have handsome, attractive men wanting their services. But they also have to put out for guys who don't float their boat at all.
That I would find very distasteful (no pun inteded) myself.

Fozzy_Wozzy_Woo 48M
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3/9/2006 7:58 pm

i agree, I was on the door tonight and i was speaking about this with one of the girls in a break period.
I did find out that the girls are actually pickey. One of the girls i the bar did it for around 5 years and she wouldnt do it with Black guys, or guys that stank when they came in side.
I really do understand this. Most of the girls in amsterdam can be choosy. but i feel sorry for the girls that are not so pritty and that they have to accept almost anything that turns up on the door.

if the roles were reversed I personally would not be able to go down on a woman if she stank e.g. been out on the raz the whole night dancing away and gets a bit plastered. then she gets a little feeling that she wants to go and get laid.

First tehn i would have to go down on her then say to her what position she wanted it. well gong down on a sweatty vagina that has only been cleaned every time she has gone to the toilet would not be very pleasant. In not saying that women should be bleached clean but not at a point where it is like cottage chease ( ok a bit of an exsageration bt you know what I mean)

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