Trading Pics to the Next Level of the Weird and Strange  

FoxyCaramel1028 44F
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1/16/2006 11:17 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Trading Pics to the Next Level of the Weird and Strange

I understand completely when you want to at least see the actual person you are chatting with. This gives you a notion of what that person looks like. However and unfortunately most people actually take it to the next level by only wanting to share pics and thats it.

I have a quick story to tell about an experience I had on the site when taking a picture of a person and going way over to another level of weird. This one person I met from the site at the beginning he seem pretty harmless yet surprisingly really nice. He live south mainly in the Tampa location. He wanted to at least see a pic of the person to whom he is chatting with understandable. We talked,passed a few emails and chatted then we decided to meet.

He drove from Tampa to meet me.I was truly flattered for this person not only taking a chance to drive for 3 hours but to meet me. I could have been one of those people that chicken out.. However I am not all about standing a person up. Because it can actually come back and bite you on your ASS. We met in a desired location had dinner and drinks. When i saw him lets put it this way. His pictures look better than him. I am not a vain person however if you pack on at least 50 pounds I'm OK with it just prepare me and be honest. Be HONEST IN YOUR PICS EVEN IF IT IS AN OLD ONE. Just tell the person OK its a old pic and you look different. So as a Southern Belle. I made the conversation at dinner interesting and fun. One conversation We had this conversation about the site. The next thing you know was he took out his wallet and made wallet size pictures of me. The reason why he said he made some smaller pics of me is that he want to keep me close to him. He also mentioned that even at his job when he is working late he take out my pics that he printed out and jerk off to them. I really was very stunned didn't know what to say at that time. However I knew it was time for me to Haul ASS and to make sure I have my mace. At the end of dinner I told him I don't think this is going to work. He was very pissed...scary pissed. He called me out loud several names that the POPE would wash out his ears with soap. So I quickly got into my car ignored the immature comments. And drove back home quickly. So is trading pics a hobby for some people just to get a quick little thrill and the play games. I never really got to much into the pic trading. What ever pics I have is what you are going to get. I just don't have mounds of Albums.

LeEnchantress 56F

1/16/2006 12:09 pm

yeah.. girl. i find more pic collectors than anything. I always tell guys i don't have naked pics for them.. cuz 1) i don't.. 2) i don't want to find naked pics of me showing up anywhere on the net.. i'm just a private person and 3)if you want to see me naked, we have to first click and you have to get to know me.
It always spooked me out in a way guys that demand to see your pics right off the bat, just sets off red flags for me.. don't ask why.
I've had friends online here that i've talked with for months about all sorts of things that don't know what i even look like. or good friends from here that waited weeks and weeks patienly to get a pic from me.
And No.. i'm not ugly. i just don't want my pics being on some stranger's computer that i dont' really get along with.. Sounds like you had a similar experience..
I'm glad you got away safely. and very strange the way the man got so angry.. Imagine if you were in some hotel room and he acted like that.
Another thing that sets me off. is if the guy insists on meeting at my house first meeting out... I know there's something suspicious in his nature if he cannot respect my need for safety first.
Just be careful out there...
Another i see is guy who wants the photos right away... they spend hours of your time. then find some way to get out of meeting..
It has become large waste of time trying to meet a decent guy close by on this site..
Has that been your experience too Foxy?

jaxbadboy69_75 42M

1/19/2006 9:14 pm

As a guy, i do want to have some idea of what a person looks like before I would agree to meet them. This dude you met is a nut case, not normal at all. He was obsessing over someone he barely knew. There is so much free porn on the internet, I don't know why guys would want to try so hard to just get some pictures from a woman. Maybe it is the challenge for them. I agree that if you are meeting someone from the internet, it is effectively a blind date. You should always meet in a very public place and not give any personally identifiable information to the person until you have had a chance to get to know them. I am hesitant to post my pictures on this website cause I want to be able to keep my anonymity until I choose to allow someone I have gotten to know see who I am or meet me. I would say that woman should be very careful doing the internet dating thing. Learn as much as you can about a person before making contact. Try and verify where the person works or something where you can be confident they aren't going to try and do something bad to you. Let a friend know where you are going and who you are meeting. Have them give you the bail out call. If it's not going smooth, you can use your friend to help you out of a bad situation. I have a met a person in the past who sent me pictures of themselves. When I met her at the restaurant, she looked nothing like the pictures. She was fat and much older, she had sent me pictures of herself right after graduating High School, and she was like 25 then. Hope my experience keeps you safe. Good luck.

rm_nokdasoxov 52M
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4/5/2006 7:12 pm

This guy was over obsessive & super freaky (note: super freaky in a bad way...the other super freaky MUST be on a mutual level )

I agree with the Privacy thing, which is why I have not uploaded a pic or created an Avatar yet. The pictures thing...yah I understand . I could send one of my old photos of when I competed in the Mr. Jacksonville Bodybuilding contest...I would get pleanty of hits...but I am not a "deceptive' person by nature, and I have a hard time lieing because it always comes back to you. Some may get away with it..but not me.

Sharing pictures in itself is not wrong...however what this guy did is. I usually reserve that after some serious chats & when we "might" meet.

As far as those guys that ask for pics & waist your time because they don't want to meet...FUCK EM! There are plenty of us who are on the cool side and would be glad to meet you for coffee at Starbuc's or some other public place. I know what it is like for you in a barrel full of monkeys. Ya just have to find the one that is a bit more docile

Glad you did get out safe thouhg Foxy, and I hope you do find a cool guy to connect with.


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