ready....and last min thoughts....  

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2/22/2006 4:47 pm

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ready....and last min thoughts....

Heading out or rather just waiting to leave the house. Dreading the mask I will have to wear to go and meet this guy and wondering why I am doing it. I am not pretty on the insde right now and it shows. I splashed my face to wash aay the tears and if this guy that I am going out wtiht tonight pushes me I might just say es. At this point I am not sure it matters what I am looking for. I do know that after 3 yrs on this site I never want to get married.....that keeps getting reinforced with each new email. With each new inslut in chat. I am not sure if I even really want a man any more. or rather not sure if I want to ever be around another human being as long as I live. gawd I wish I could afford delivery of everything I wanted like groceries then I wouldn't have to leave my house. I cna just sit here playing with graphics. Yes I am having a pity party I am allowed. I feel like shit. and I am going on a date ....oh jeesh he is gonna love me. Its also raining. Good thing I am not wearing make up or hair spray. it would be a mess just adding to the fun...

well let y'all know how it went after I get back. bye!

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