Lifestyles of the slightly deganged....and a Thank You!  

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1/25/2006 7:29 am

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Lifestyles of the slightly deganged....and a Thank You!

Now I know that the title says slightly derange and I know that’s like saying that a woman is a “little bit pregnant”. But there are degrees. I am going to give you a ittle historty and some facts about me and others who have some of my problems. I wrestle with bi-polar to some degree almost every day. What about half the people don’t know is that is also complicated by also now suffering from purposely inflicted hypo-thyroidism. Now what I mean by purposely inflicted is this. I was hyper-thyridic., to understand what I am talking about I will give a brief overview below…

Thyroid Gland - The thyroid gland is the biggest gland in the neck. It is situated in the anterior (front) neck below the skin and muscle layers. The thyroid gland takes the shape of a butterfly with the two wings being represented by the left and right thyroid lobes which wrap around the trachea. The sole function of the thyroid is to make thyroid hormone. This hormone has an effect on nearly all tissues of the body where it increases cellular activity. The function of the thyroid therefore is to regulate the body's metabolism.

Common symptoms and signs of hyperthyroidism
Heat intolerance
Increased bowel movements
Light or absent menstrual periods

Fast heart rate
Trembling hands
Weight loss
Muscle weakness
Warm moist skin
Hair loss
Staring gaze

These signs and symptoms were what my body went through for many months. I had it into the extreme range when I was only 22 yrs old. It also had a rather startling affect on my bi-polar problem. It was like taking and pouring a can of gasoline on a campfire. I now take meds to control the hypo as I had corrective non surgical methods used to “kill” my thyroid.

Now getting back to the bi-polar issue, I want to mention that plenty of people have either bi-polar or depression. As a matter of fact a lot of people go through some sort of depression at some poit in their lives. Now I know I am in good company as Robin Williams is also bi-polar and so ois a few other celebs. And Kim Basinger has Anxiety problems (if I remember right) as well as bi-polar. Carrie Fisher ( Princess Leia) is also bi-polar. It just amazed me as I grew up to find that I was not alone as I had thought that I had been one of the few to be hit with this hurtful sickness. (I was diagnosed when I was 12, the thyroid was diagnosed at age 22) pstttttttt I thought that Carrie Fisher rocked as the Princess

In any case I attempt to keep myself busy and productive for the most part and my natural inclination is to help other when I can. I have learned many strategies over the years to deal with my various ups and downs on this roller coaster I call life. One of them is to not lie. We all have a tendency to lie to/fool ourselves either from time to time or perhaps all of the time. I can’t afford that. So I don’t lie and I attempt not to shade the truth in any way, or slant it either. Another is to have learned to listen when someone is being critical. Or even silly as it sounds abusive, especially if it is a friend. Much as I hate to admit it, if something hurts then you might wanna look a little closer as to why it hurt and see if perhaps there is truth in that statement. Now all that said, I think that for all I am and all I have done to make myself better I am rather proud. I have come a long way and if most people had the same odds stacked against them they would have failed to get as far as I have today. I know it doesn’t seem like I have come that far perhaps. But well trust me I have.

I will end this with hugsss and kisses to all my friends that have spoken to me and helped me out with letting me know that I wasn't alon. I love you all! You have enriched my life and I thank you for the love and care you have shown to me even though youdon't know me very well. Only one of you has ever met me in perso,,,,, and cd/wendy is a sweet lady indeed. But all you gents and ladies that have not met me, thank you more than you will know for your sweet words, hugs, and encoragement.


MyRealLoverOne 47M

1/25/2006 3:09 pm

I am glad to hear you are feeling better dearone.

maria1959 58F

1/25/2006 7:43 pm

So glad you are feeling better, hun. My daughter is Bi-Polar, so I know 1st hand the struggles that come with that. Although I also know how fabulous and amazing bi-polar minds are. Seems to me Fox, you are riding your roller coaster with lots of life. *smiles* Thanks hun for sharing you! hugggzzzz....

Fox4aKnight1 44F

1/25/2006 9:07 pm

hugs sweet one .....hope you are feeling better hun ......thanks for coming by to check on skoyc

Lady I didn't know that hun. hope she is doing well . I know that it is difficult from both the indiviguals pints of view and the familys as well. Hope you are also well hun. I saw in passing that your guy called tonight hugs and I am so glad that you got to talk to him. and thank you hun hugsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

rm_TwiztedCharm 57M
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2/20/2006 7:48 pm

My best wishes to you as I know firsthand of how it is to ride that bipolar coaster....the long hill going up with all the expectations of a fast and exillerating ride of mania......and when it ends, if I have been lucky enough to survive I must endure the time of deep depression untill the ride starts again.......

I will live out my days without the medication choosing instead to constantly cycle on this ride untill the day arrives that my coaster will crash and burn..... I accept the condition as both my blessing and my curse.

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