Your prospective partner isn't easy on the eye...  

FourStringBow 51M
9/10/2006 9:10 pm
Your prospective partner isn't easy on the eye...

You've not specified a body-type preference in your profile, and you've been talking to someone (man or woman) for a while, but not seen a pic.

They make you laugh, they're intelligent, their imagination keeps you wet and/or hard for days and they're obviously interested. So you want to take it further, and you beg for a pic...

... only to find out that they aren't the most beautiful specimen on the planet. They've seriously let themselves go. What do you do?
So what? Who cares? I'm gagging for it!
Well, if they can do what they say they can do, bring it on!
Well, I'd probably go for it, but I'd keep the lights off.
I'd be disappointed. I don't know if I'd follow through.
I'd let them down gently. I might keep in contact.
I'd tell them a straight "No Thanks" and amend my profile.
I'd blank them, block them and hope never to see the like again.

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