The Ghetto Romeo & Juliet  

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3/3/2006 9:07 am

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The Ghetto Romeo & Juliet

It just dawned upon me when I opened my eyes this morning and saw him laying asleep beside me that I am Juliet and he is Romeo. But, I'm not killing myself or am I going to just completely defy my parents! Even though my dad doesn't know about him, I know that if he did would be my ass.But, I do love this man. I don't know why. I don't know when this happened.I am young, but I feel old and my life has already been laid before me. Our lives are completely different.

1st: he is 6yrs older than me 2nd: he hasn't even finished school...he went to job core and didn't really finish that.3rd:he has a kid 8th: he has no apartment
9th:he works at a factory.

Anyhow. If you're reading this...please please...feel free to comment and offer your opinion on my situation.


4/17/2006 12:50 pm

from a mans point of view that is the making of a disaster even though you feel a connection with him you have to look past that to say what does he have to offer it sounds like nothing just be careful my experience is he will bring you down before he builds you up you want someone that has a vision or some idea of what he wants in life and is working towards that what can he bring to the table If you both have to fix dinner and put it on the table with your life and his life being the dinner what will he bring himself that is not enough for to people to eat on someone will go lacking choose someone that is mature that understands manhood and who understands womanhood anything less is a failure he is stuck in a stage of manhood called the phallic stage which is his wild stage that deals with self gratification his needs will come before yours good luck and keep your eyes open AdultFriendFinder is my email if you want to talk more

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