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The Gift Of Sex
In order that I am prepared when the woman of my dreams decides to sit in my lap I have to continue doing the exercises. She will be sexually demanding. I want to slowly bring her up to heaven and hold her there a wile. when I am
masturbating I can hold myself just below the point of no return for long stretches at a time. I keep this up for several hours back up to the point of no return then easing off perhaps 6 to 10 times until it becomes just too difficult.
When and if I do let go and plunge myself into climax wooer Words fail to adequately portray the orgasmic equivalent of a volcanic eruption which
proceeds to flood my brain with endorphins of the erotic verity.

Without a special friend present it is still the most spiritually magnificent way I can express to my God of my understanding, my appreciation of the gift sex. So It's down stairs to the Gym for my daily routine to keep the mind and body healthy. Join my network only if all this positive communication appeals to you. Prevention is better than cure.
Your humble and loyal friend handle
Copyright © Alex R Reid 2005 Cairns Australia

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3/4/2006 8:43 am

Say you were interested in me for fun times and I suggested You could help me for-full a fantasy. It go's like this... I chat with you on friendfinder and we are both satisfied neither of us are weirdo's. So because I have no car at present you decide to visit me at home. You recall my telling you about this fantasy were I am lying on the lounge room sofa with my feet resting on the cushion were your head should go and my head tilted slightly back where ones feet would normally rest. I'm lying here because I'm waiting for you to arrive,When you do the front door is open slightly and inside you see me, I have fallen asleep. anticipating a sexy romp you removed your panties earlier and stuffed them in your purse. you decide to give me a pussy kiss as a means of greeting me for the first time and removing your shoes quietly you creep over 2 my face which coincidently happens to be in the perfect position for you so all you need to do is spreed your knees and squat a few inches. at first your pussy lips rest on my face lightly touching my nose and mouth. Then with a back and forth motion you lower your body a little more. This is when you discover the joys of cunnilingus with a man who has taken his teeth out. Until we meet.

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