My only female sexual encounter  

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2/24/2005 6:27 pm

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My only female sexual encounter

I thought about it and thought about it for a long time….I wanted to be ‘try it’ with a female.

I started a membership at an ‘adults’ only web site. I placed an ad on a personal page. I’d come THIS close to meeting and I would be the one to chicken out.

I struck up an email relationship with a military wife. She was married and had been searching the personals for a long time…she had had an experience with another woman, men were present and she wasn’t satisfied with that experience. It had been more about a show for the men more so than the woman having fun.

I went back and forth with this gal for months. I told her what I wanted. I wanted a one on one with just a female, no men present. That’s what she wanted and she hadn’t been able to find someone to experiment with either.

I didn’t want to be ‘friends’ with a gal I was going to have sex with. I have friends. I wanted a mature, erotic, sexual encounter…that was all.

At the time, I was involved; I was in a relationship with a man who surely wouldn’t understand my need to taste, smell, and fuck a female. I wanted to taste pussy so bad. I know what I taste like on a man’s face; I wanted to taste one, with its beautiful flower in my face. I wanted to insert my finger in a woman’s being….to feel her on me….

As funny as this sounds, I didn’t want to kiss a female…for some reason, that just grossed me out! I know, how come I wanted to bury my tongue in another woman’s pussy and not just want to kiss her to! Didn’t make much sense, but kissing another woman just didn’t turn me on.

I am not physically attracted to another female ‒ I am more attracted to sex…any way I can get it! I love the thought of sex, sex, sex….to go out to a place, bar, store, and see an attractive female, my hormones do not surge, I do not get turned on. Her physical being doesn’t excite me. But thinking about burying my face in a woman’s pussy is just a thrill beyond belief for me.

So, I finally had made myself so horny to the fact that I wanted to try this, I committed to meet this gal. We talked a little about it, deciding that my place would be the best. She promised to shave, clean it up and cut her fingernails….laugh at that if you want, but we women think about those things when we are about to eat pussy for the first time.

I was nervous as all get out. I took a shower, making sure that I was shaved, properly clean inside and out if you know what I mean. I started to pace….I had seen a picture of this girl, nothing to write home about but neither am I. She was very nice so that was all that mattered. She was just as eager to eat pussy as I was.

So, I had some wine, to calm me and I knew wine would release my inhibitions and let me go with the flow. The doorbell rings and I opened the door. She was plain but she had big breasts, and sweet. She sat in my recliner and we just chatted for a few minutes.

My adrenaline was flowing! Who would make the first move? I was scared because I knew my boy friend had a habit of dropping by unexpectedly and I didn’t have a CLUE as how I would explain this.

I got up and went to the kitchen to get some more wine, knowing that I would make a move when I got back to the living room. I gave her the glass, and I knelt between her legs, and ever so gently, caressed her breast. I took my time, and slowly stroked her breast, from back to front, with my fingers tracing little circles on her nipples. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. All of a sudden, it didn’t seem weird to want to kiss her. I leaned forward, my hands still gently caressing her breasts and I kissed her….a sweet, wine tasting passionate kiss. And I knew what was to come was going to be one of my greatest sexual experiences ever.

We sort of melted into a kiss, hands just groping each others breasts. Men don’t understand the need to caress and build. Women do and when two women are gonna fuck, we know what we like done and how we like to do it.

I pulled her up from the chair, held her hand and guided her into my bedroom. We didn’t undress each other; that kind of stuff happens in the movies. We undressed and fell into bed. My hands went to her pussy and was surprised at how wet and how wonderful it felt. I masturbate all the time but it was just awesome to feel someone else’s cunt. I rolled her on her back and I slowly nibbled her beautiful pink nipples, teasing them with my tongue and my teeth. She moaned and I moaned…it felt wonderful…and since I love to tease a man’s nipples, I just did what I do to a man, only, there was much more flesh and these were beautiful. I made my way down to her cunt….and it was simply gorgeous. Her pussy lips were perfect, pink and shaved and smooth. They weren’t flappy or thick, they reminded me of mine. (I think I have a very pretty pussy). I tentatively took a breath in, hoping that it would be a pleasant experience considering this was my first attempt at pussy eating. Nothing was out of place there and I literally dove in. I spread her legs wide apart and told her to relax, I was going to make her cum. She lifted her legs up and spread them apart, and I began my assault. I at first started to just tongue her hole but I knew that I needed to do what I felt like I wanted done to me. I slowed down and took her clit into my mouth and began to just nibble and love it. She got so turned on… I could feel her juices in my mouth and on my tongue. I wanted to see her glistening beautiful pink pussy so I got a little flashlight, turned it on, and just took it in. Never in my life did I so want a picture of that! I worked her clit, tongued her hole and rimmed her….she has a delectable asshole and I enjoyed feeling her shake with passion. I had a beautiful purple vibrator that I worked it into her pussy for a little while. She enjoyed that. I had some anal beads and asked her if she minded and she said no. I inserted the beads into her ass, continually eating her pussy. I felt her orgasm start to happen and I pulled them out slowly, as I continued to tongue her now very gushy hole. When I pulled the last one out, she exploded, and I found out she was a squirter! My face got wet, my bed had a huge wet spot and her whole body just convulsed. I was proud that I made her come like that with my very first pussy eating experience. Then she said, now it’s your turn.

She managed to turn herself around and we were in a 69 position. I didn’t want to leave her pussy at all. I wanted to keep my face buried in this delectable twat! She began to lick me, touch me, eat me. And oh my goodness, what they say about women eating another women’s pussy is so very true! She knew exactly what to do. I have been having oral sex with men since I was 16 years old, and never experienced oral sex like I did with this woman that night. She had me so on the edge that I couldn’t THINK of anything else, I had to stop everything I was doing. I just concentrated on the pleasure that was wracking my body. I couldn’t breathe. I felt my orgasm come on and there was not stopping it. I felt my clit begin to tingle. I begged her to stop, I couldn’t think straight, but she continued to eat my cunt, her mouth enveloping my sopping, wet pussy. She managed to keep it going while I literally lifted my hips off the bed, and as I ground my sex into her face, she continued to munch on my pussy, fingering me to the point of stars. I started to come. When I come hard, I can feel my clit begin to dance…it bobs up and down, my vaginal walls begin to convulse and I just EXPLODE. And this gal did it…the first time in my sexual life, I exploded from oral sex.

After I caught my breath, I looked at the clock and realized that the possibility of the boy friend coming over was getting close. She got dressed, and we gave each other a little peck and off she went. No promises, no asking to call again. She said that this was the female sexual experience she wanted.

After she left, it wasn’t a mere five minutes before the boy friend showed up. I met him at the door, with this gals juices and smell all over me. Believe it or not, I wanted dick now. He had been drinking and I pulled him to a horny kiss….and we ended up naked, in the front door way. He dove into my pussy with his tongue and I had a hard time letting him stay down there ‒ I was sore! And dry….that gal had sucked all my juices up! I couldn’t let him stay down there very long….we ended up in a 69 position and I couldn’t blow him. My tongue and underneath my tongue hurt! I didn’t know that happened! I have seen a man’s face if he’s had it buried in a twat; I used to laugh at the men who came to work with a red chin cos I knew he had been eating his woman the night before! Thank goodness the boyfriend was drunk and couldn’t get it up…I don’t think he would have gotten his cock inside me.

And I went to work the next day, tongue hurting and a raw chin, but a huge smile on my face. I sooo felt like a man….lol.

LustGoddess2469 51F  
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2/24/2005 7:29 pm

Wow. Damn girl - nice job. you've got ME thinking.

Moondancelover 65M

2/24/2005 8:15 pm

Wow! Girl/girl sex in some of the movies I've seen never really did a lot for me, but your story got me so hard it hurt and made my mouth water at the same time. You obviously have more than one talent. Keep it up!

rm_Minnguy58 59M
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2/24/2005 8:28 pm

thanks for sharing, nice to hear a lady point of view when eating some pussy..

LimesMastsAvoid 71M
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3/9/2005 6:31 am

My Last Fantasy ! WOW..I think you completed my "Two Women Getting IT On Fantasy "...

sexxxyladi 45F
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3/26/2005 6:08 pm

I like you am too chicken to try. I've always considered myself "bi-curious" but would "never" step over the line. I don't know now. After hearing your story, I just may relax a bit and try. I mean, that's the reason I'm here in the first place - try explore and try new things...

patmygroan2 45M
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3/26/2005 7:52 pm

that story sure made my pants tight !!
It`s to bad that you have no pictures that would be sweet

markisinspok469 60M/70F
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11/5/2005 4:25 am

hey sexxxyladi!

you should try it some day.
you'll wonder about all those years what it would be like to try it!
my ex said she never would and look what happen. i found her in bed with her best friend one night!
all i said to her when i caught them was; you want me to stay or leave? she told me to leave cause it was her first time.
i understood that and left and told her to call me at the bar when she was though!
she then told me all about what happen when i got home!
i asked her if she wanted to have sex. but she said she was so dried out from her pussy being licked out that said to wait till morning!
but that is another story!>>!
good luck and i wish u well in ur quest for a woman!

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