Fuck Buddy....was wondering if I should find one?  

Firsttime36 54F
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2/27/2005 12:57 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Fuck Buddy....was wondering if I should find one?

Ok, well, since you have read my blog, you know its been awhiles since I have had mind blowing sex. Like the New Year.

A friend told me I need to get a 'call in', friend with benefits, someone that can help me with those needs.

I have always frowned upon getting a fuck buddy. It just isnt what I am about. But now I am wondering.

Does this make me bad? Does it make me a slut? Can I have more than one fuck buddy as long as its safe, mutual, no one gets hurt fun?

Men do it and I am hearing that women do to.

So, I am exploring the possibility of finding a fuck buddy(s)...lovers I can call when the URGE arises.....which right now, the urge is so THERE...

I am afraid I am going to desensitize my clit if I keep using the pocket rocket....

rm_Minnguy58 59M
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2/27/2005 8:05 pm

There can be benefits with a fuck buddy. I have had a few and it is nice getting to explore things with one partner over time, and I see no problem having a couple on call. So go for it and enjoy.

Apolybear 55M

2/28/2005 1:00 pm

Of course women have fuck buddies. They really come in handy between relationships. As long as you both are on the same page, why not?

HornyBigDude 63M

3/2/2005 4:11 pm

I see no problem with having fuck buddies, especially when those horny feelings begin at 2:00 am. Nothing like calling your buddy for some relief......

sexxxyladi 45F
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3/26/2005 5:54 pm

I totally understand how you feel, firsttime. I'm in that same type of feeling but my circumstances may be different from yours. Ideally, I'd like to have only one partner but I don't believe that only one partner can give you all that you desire. I like sensuality, but when your horniness strikes you, you just want a good stiff dick.. I have someone I call my standby until I find what I'm looking for. Noone knows me here so I could care less if they consider me a slut. I'm tired of pleasing others and nothing getting anything in return or get appreciated. I want what I want and I can't be blamed for that. Also, I think I've already desensitized my clit with my finger... Contact me if you want to talk further

ambidext 50M

3/26/2005 8:26 pm

There is nothins shameful about having a fuck buddy. I haven't had one in years, but miss the concept at times.

the benefits are obvious, not the least of which is that with some familiarity, your parnter can actually get better at pleasing you over time. And considering you'll likely choose a fuck buddy who is sexually in synch with you to begin with, things only get better.

The drawbacks are just as obvious, but are a little more subtle in their workings. Yeah, you may feel slutty. Yeah, people who knnow you have a fuck buddy may look on you in a negative light. But these are perceptions. You don't ahve to feel slutty about it. If you are both ok with the idea, there is no shame and no reason to feel bad. Neither of you is 'using' the other, so where is the harm to regret or feel shameful for? If it goes against some other part of your psyche, like religious reasons, than that's something you have to choose to live with or do without. If others look down on you for it, screw 'em (or, actually, don't screw 'em). The choice is yours, as is the choice of whose opinions matter to you. If someone can't respect your wishes and morals, it's up to you, again, to decide whether or not you can live with them for being judgmental.

long story short, it's your choice. Paraphrasing Shakespeare, "there is noting good or eveil, excpet that man makes it so." Having a fuck buddy is neither good or bad, slutty or prudish, except in what you think about it. It's your life. You decide.


3/27/2005 12:31 pm

There is nothing wrong with having a special "buddy", provided he`s not everyones "buddy"

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