How do you know when you find yourself?  

FiringFromTheHip 49M
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8/29/2006 11:45 pm
How do you know when you find yourself?

I hope you all are well. I have been a bit off lately since I have had to deal with all the changes that keep occuring. Any way. I changed jobs and now I have some things to put out to you that might be helpful. As part of my transformation of my inner self, I have started meditation, vinyassa yoga, and some exercise above and beyond my normal 3 days a week at the gym. The simple step of learning to meditate has given me such focus on my life and my ability to work and keep track of everything in my life has become much easier. Mediation has opened up my mind even more than it was before. Allowing me to take in all that I can possibly take in. I wanted to pass on some other things in my life as well. I started laying down the workings for a book a few entrys ago and I had to stop since I hit many road blocks. I am starting again and moving forward. i will try an give you all glimpses of the chapters, but it may not always be possible.

Let me talk about these changes a bit more and the focus I have found. It is incredible that I can visualize entire days of my life the way I want them to go and make them work out ahead of time. It is amazing that I can plan that way now for weeks at a time and even months on some of my life projects. I came back to the blog since I thought that sharing my personal gains, might help others to attain a better handle on their inner selves and their lives.

The Sexual pleasures that you receive after not having them for so long are the energy that is needed to start much of this process of inner healing and inner building. Now I dont know if I believe in the chakras and all of that, but I do know that with meditation and some intense sexual release I have been able to focus on things that I just thought would always be out of my reach. So here I am with a whole new set of goals and desires in my life and it gets better each and every day.

I hope this might help anyone that needs to find their inner self. Contact me if you need to and I can tell you more details outside of the site.


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