Chapter 3 When to keep going and when to stop  

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7/17/2006 8:16 pm
Chapter 3 When to keep going and when to stop

Well as promised, a glimpse into the third chapter of the book of my life. Pleasing women and knowing when to stop and when to keep going. It is a good idea to talk about this sort of thing before you cross this bridge. A woman can feel vulnerable in this most intimate of places. Her intimacy with you is very very special and must be treated as the only place you are in time with her. She is your focus and must be the center of attention. If you practice this on a regular basis and the women you are with can trust you to A, keep it discreet, B, keep her in the center of focus, then she can and will have repeated relations with you. There are many reasons and sub reasons, but I will cover those in depth in my book. For now if you can keep her in the center of your attention, then she will be more willing to let herself go. What exactly does this mean? Well in 4 out of 5 times I have been with women, different or the same, I have been able to push her to go to the very edge of her ability to stand pleasure. Freddie Mercury said it so well in a song from the sound track for the Highlander. " Pain is so close to pleasure." This is not the kind of pain that comes with S and M. This is the kind of pain that a person might endure when they go past a point of comfort in their sexual Orgasms. Being able to withstand more than one orgasm in a few minutes or even an hour is a lot for some people's nervous systems. Still if you achieve multiple orgasm capable sex, then you have crossed a bridge that many men and women never find. So if she lets you keep going the you can rebuild up to the intensity of a previous level or you can take it farther. If it takes you 15 or 20 minutes to get her to the first one, then take care on how you proceed. I can rapidly take a woman that is hot and fired once already, say 5 or 10 minutes, to another screaming orgasm that can be better than the last, and should be at least different and just as strong. Or I can take a woman to another orgasm in 35 to 60 minutes. I am driving and I decide when she comes. It is not up to her. It is up to her to relax and enjoy this massive amount of pleasure I am giving her. When you give a woman a standard orgasm her nervous system is in her control somewhat. If you know when she is ready for the cross over, then you can push just past this point and make her barely coherent. How fast a woman recovers to some kind of talking person in a language you understand again, is well, an indicator of the depth of the orgasm. Then there are the kind where you trigger them and they come in 35 to 60 second waves and she is like another person. Vulnerable and trusting you to take her to the next level and not harm her or make her feel bad. Discussions of multiple orgasms or any type of orgasm should be kept low keyed and persoal. DO NOT ASK her if you made her cum, unless you all have talked before. You will know when she comes. In my case most of my neighbors and or hotel roomies and or swing club participants will also know when she comes. Keep it low key and it is ok to ask if she is alright or needs a drink of water just after sexual release. I am sure she would appreciate a drink of ice cold water. How then do you get to multiple orgasms? This requires that you find a woman that will trust you, or that you find a woman that is already at that level of sexual ability. It also requires intimate talk and concentration on what you are doing. YOU MUST BE IN TUNE WITH HER NEEDS!!!!!! Like wise she needs to know yours. Tell each other when you do something that feels good. Let him or her know that that is the way you want it to feel and could they do that for a while. It helps the giver know what position to have their tongue and or fingers in and what amount of pressure and what kind of strokes. I was recently taken to the multiple orgasm level and I can have orgasms that dont require me to ejaculate. As many as I can stand. Taking a woman on such a pleasure ride, requires, time and commtiment to pleasure. If and when you do find it then there are several levels of orgasm and several types of orgasm. More on the levels and types in a later posting. Just remember. A woman that is pleasured sexually is a woman that is able to please you sexually in return and sometimes 10 fold in intensity. Later.

rm_lilywhite66 52F

11/2/2006 11:19 pm

All I can say is you have amazing insight about women. Hope to see a few more chapters.

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