Chapter 2 A woman's pleasure  

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7/10/2006 7:56 pm

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Chapter 2 A woman's pleasure

The sounds a woman makes when she is in the high heat of passion are often misunderstood. Her methods of communication are gutteral and at the lowest level. This is due to heightened sexual awareness while in the process of making love. Foreplay is the greatest single tool any man can have to use in his arsenal of physical tools. The mental tools are good too. So what is the signal for a woman's pleasure? Every one is different so I say to you, take care to observe and learn from each lover that touches your life. Some are very soft and slow and some are rough and rugged. How a woman wants to be touched is something of a mystery to most men. The color of her skin and the rate of breathing all are indicators of her level of awareness. Seek to touch her like you are touching a rose petal. Try and let your lips touch her skin as often as possible and be aware of her needs as she communicates them to you. If she puts her hand on your head while you are giving her oral sex, that is a good sign she likes what you are doing. CAUTION: When a woman pushes you away, just after her orgasm, then she is through. This is another example of body language with no sounds other than breathing. So be in tune with the woman you are loving. Understand her and what she wants. Let her know you know and you care. It will take you much much farther than up front sex. Tease and play with her and make her feel the passion you have. Dont over do it with oral sex. Take your time and explore her body. If she wants more and she can take it then by all means drive on. More on this in chapter 3.

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7/10/2006 8:43 pm

Bout time someone understood... besides my sweetie... The partner who gets you is in for a treat. Female half of Hot pair

FiringFromTheHip replies on 7/12/2006 6:47 pm:
I am glad I can make a lady smile I have many more years of experience to unwind. I will put small postings here every week or so. I am writing my life story and then I have to publish it I cant use names in most instances, but I am always happy to make a lady smile in any way I can.



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Wow.....sending all men over to read this one!

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