Liar Liar Hair on fire!  

SleekIcilyVarix 42M
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6/7/2006 1:44 pm
Liar Liar Hair on fire!

This is another true story from the life of the Fire that could only happen to me...

My gf was into making beaded jewelry of various sorts..necklaces, bracelets, earrings and such. So I went with her to this bead store. There were glass display cases all around, and candles lit here and there on them.
My interest in beads was limited, but with nothing better to do I walked around looking at the beads.
I leaned over to more closely examine some beads in one of the cases, when I started to smell something burning. It was MY HAIR. I had somehow managed to lean close enough to a candle that I somehow managed not to notice. Luckily I managed to put it out before too much damage was done. (It was more of a singing than a full-fledged conflagration.) Burnt hair smells nasty, btw. I had to cut off a bit of my hair that had been burnt, which didn't do much to improve my hair style at the time.

Lesson: Pay close to attention to the candles around you. You never know when one of them is going to leap up and set your hair on fire.

"Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must first set yourself on fire.” -Fred Shero

rm_wetfingeraz 55F
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6/7/2006 4:26 pm

I had a cat that would get up on the coffee table near the candle and set his tail on fire on a pretty regular basis.

SleekIcilyVarix replies on 6/7/2006 6:00 pm:
lol...unlike the cat I learned my lesson, and haven't had any mishaps with setting myself on fire since.

smoothnjuicy4u 51F

6/7/2006 5:20 pm

LOL burning cat hair nasty. I have a very bad habit of standing to close to the campfire and have on several occasions after having maybe one to many casught my own hair on fire. But not to bad. I loved you quote today. I copied and pasted it and gonna send it to my son, maybe he'll listen to a famous quote since he isn't listen to me.

SleekIcilyVarix replies on 6/7/2006 6:19 pm:
lol Smooth...I love camping. I hereby extend the Lesson to include both candles and campfires. My friends and I used to go camping and fishing out by this lake. My only camping mishap involved falling into the lake with all of my clothes on. Glad you liked the quote. Hope your son finds motivation somewhere, if not from the quote.

rm_Bladesong 42F
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6/8/2006 10:19 am

Lol. Luckily I have never had anything like that happen to me. People should pay more attention. The world needs more alerts

~It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved!

Be Good to those around you!


SleekIcilyVarix replies on 6/8/2006 1:12 pm:
Yeah they had a BEWARE OF CANDLES sign, I just didn't see it.

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