hello to all those horney peopl out there ?  

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8/1/2005 12:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

hello to all those horney peopl out there ?

Well hell, I am just an (not-so-ordinary) "joe schmoe! with need? lol

Fist time to put a "blog" on any type of website, I figure out the rest. If anybody wants to commit? then I wont be offended if ya said that I was a "nut job"

Hell! what is life to be worth living, if you can't learn to go beyond the unknown?

So, I am a Government worker so to speak and the settings are a 50/50 chance that you will live? or die? So my mindset to prepare that intitial shock of actually seeing people trying to kill you everyday! if you go back to your bunk and go to asleep? Then you know that you lived another day! And here we all are on this trying to get a peice of "ass" Or whatever "floats your boat?" and such small personal desires over fill our minds and we often can not even think of the "big picture?" to see whats worth going after in life!!!!

hell!, maybe I'll post an update before too long?

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