Taking a break  

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9/18/2005 3:54 pm

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Taking a break

Well I WAS going to use this day to point out that 2 years ago today was not very much fun. What started on my b-day/day after my b-day almost a month before kept building and building to this day. That's when the snow started sliding towards the avalanche that destroyed my life about 4 to 5 weeks afterwards. That's when it all ended between me and the only woman I ever really deeply loved. That person you know is "the one" from the second you meet her. We talked about buying an old house and fixing it up, for the 1st time in my life I was checking out tux's and rings. Never have I held anybody or been with anybody and felt so calm and at peace, as if all was "finally right" and "meant to be". Well we both work for the same company and even though we're on different floors in the building and work different days and hours our departments interact daily. Because of that after a few awkward months we managed to at least be chatty and OK friends again but have not been nearly as close to where we were before. To this day she is still the only person I would drop anyone or anything for and come from anywhere at anytime if she would need me, I would still marry her right this second if she would want that......

Just the 2 year anniversary of that would be bad enough but Friday night I go out with co-workers and they tell me Thursday when I was off they chipped in for flowers for her and told me she's off work but should be back soon. She has already lost almost her entire family already due to tragic deaths and natural causes so my 1st thought is "oh shit, who now?". They tell me it's not for another funeral, she has been very ill and has been hospitalized but should hopefully be released sometime this week and could hopefully be back to work in another week or two if all goes well. Because of this I'm going to do my best to live up to that promise and try to be there for her as much as work allows me to. The net will have to wait, I may pop on once in a while but for at least a week or two I have much more important things to attend to. It'll be a long road for her to get back to normal health but I'm prepared to spend every second and do all I can to help her with that. I'm just happy it's nothing terminal and was caught before anything serious came from it, I honestly don't know if I could go on or make it through if it was.

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