Being a transvestite - Part 1 Chapter 3  

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Being a transvestite - Part 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - The Day Out

Fiona woke up with a start. She had slept like a rock and needed to orientate herself. Ok, she was in her own bedroom. So far so good. But then she looked down the pink lace nightgown she was wearing, and it all came back to her with a bang. She jumped out of her bed and opened the door of her closet. Right. No clothing fairy. Her drawers were still filled with only female clothing, most of it on the daring side. She also remembered the note that her neighbour, Dom, had left for her. ("Come by at 11 for coffee, and we will discuss your future. Don't be late!!!"). What should she do now? She looked at her alarm clock. Still just nine o'clock. She had a bit of time to think about her options.

It dawned to her that, really, there weren't that many. Fiona could just try and defy her neighbour, and stay where she was. Only that she would have nothing to wear for work the next day, and it was this kind of be-at-my-place-or-it's-your-arse day, where being sick was simply not an option. They had a meeting at work the following day at nine, and she would have to report on the outcomings of her trip to England (well, they would be surprised, she thought by herself). Staying inside her own flat did not solve her clothing problem. Dom would simply stay where she was, too, and Fiona was still without a decent outfit for work on Monday. All the stores are closed on Sunday. Not good. Fiona concluded that she simply HAD to dress up and go to Dom’s place. Fiona needed to talk to her. Dom had had her bit of fun with her, and she had to admit that Dom had won and she had lost. Fiona owed her a big one. But, hey, now give her back her male clothes, and she will make up for it, ok? Yes, that was what she had to do.

But simply the thought of going over to Dom’s place in broad daylight, dressed as a woman, gave her the creeps. So far, Fiona had only been walking outside in the dark in less frequented areas close to the city centre, until yesterday, that is. Sometimes Fiona had made plans to go for a Sunday afternoon stroll, but she had always backed off in the last minute and simply stayed inside, reading. But today Fiona had no choice. She took a shower and started to put on the clothes that Dom had left on her bed the night before. They were not as "hot" as her outfit yesterday, and she inwardly silently thanked her for that. Fiona started with the white lace body stocking, which shaped her waist, and had an inserted C-cup bra. She looked at her breast forms that were lying in the bathroom from the night before. How proud she had been of herself. The moment she had brought them home from England, and had dumped all the old balloons, filled with water, that she had used before. They were a lot cheaper, of course, and they had the advantage that Fiona had been able to fill them to her liking, but they simply could not compete with the attachable silicone forms she had bought, and so she had thrown the balloons out. Fiona had bought C-cup forms, because she figured, if she was to spend so much money, she wanted the whole thing. But especially with the top that Fiona was going to wear, she had preferred the balloons to be filled to an A-cup size only, shaping nice and pert breasts. Call this a "coming of age" of a cross dresser.

Fiona inserted the breast forms and looked at herself in the mirror. Her tits appeared a bit to large to her, but then, she did not have anything different. Also, she was sure that Dom preferred it that way. Dom had written as much in her note. Fiona opened the package of white stay-up stockings that Dom had left out and slid them up her legs. You could see a couple of light leg hairs, but then she was going to wear the long skirt, and that would just have to do. Fiona slipped into the skirt that she’d worn last night, and, after a very close shave, started with her make-up. Foundation, dark pink eye shadow on her eyelids, light pink above, brown eyeliner (she had worn black last night, but brown is a bit less obvious and just enhances her green eyes), brown eyeliner also to dye her dark blonde eyebrows, mascara just at the outside of her eyes, pink lipstick and a bit of blush. Perfect. Now her wig. Fiona brushed it and noticed that it had not suffered from her personal ordeal the night before. The earrings a friend had given to her. She used to go to see her for makeovers, and they became friends. She had enjoyed doing Fiona’s make up, and she frequently claimed that she had been a perfect canvas for her. She was an artist. Fiona had missed her since moving to Stockholm, but had learned a lot from her to improve her own make up skills. She had given those earrings to her as a farewell gift. They were clip ons, large and golden, and complemented her new wig very nicely, as it elegantly curled up around them.

Now the top. It was pink and of ribbed cotton with short sleeves and a high collar. Fiona had bought it a few months ago, when she had decided to dress maybe a bit less sexy sometimes but with less chances of being harassed. Fiona pulled the top over her head, careful of her wig and make up. It was tight, and she noticed in the mirror, how it emphasised her flat belly and her large breasts. You could see the nice features of the cup holders of seductive sheer material through her pink top, and her nipples stuck out prominently. Damn it. Fiona rearranged her breast forms a bit to the side, trying to hide her wide shoulders. That worked to a degree, and she felt happy with the way that she looked, and would give herself a "pass". Not much to be done about her breasts, though. They were large, nicely arranged inside the cups and simply begged for attention with nipples that seemed to ask to be sucked. In fact, they looked a lot like the breasts of a healthy looking girl that Fiona liked to stare at, on occasions. Why had she picked the largest nipple size? Fiona really wished now that she had kept the balloons. Fiona then put on her shoes. Slippers today with a fairly low heel would do. She went into the corridor and looked at herself in the full body mirror. An elegant woman, casually dressed in a wide, black skirt with white stockings and a plain, pink top. So far so good. Spectacular tits, though. Shit. But nothing to be done about that. It was only 10 o'clock now, and there was still time to have some breakfast and think about a plan.

Breakfast proved easy to come by, a plan not. No matter, how Fiona looked at it, she was in a fix. No clothes. No car keys. No apartment keys. Got to go to work tomorrow. She needed to see Dom and talk some sense into her. What exactly should she say? While Fiona was sipping her coffee, she saw a couple passing by her kitchen, glancing inside, at her. Shit. She needed to be more careful. Fiona went and closed the curtains and sat down again. No clothes. 10:30. Time was flying. The walkways outside were slowly becoming more busy. People were going to church. People were going for a Sunday brunch. Fiona never noticed before, that so many people were around on a Sunday morning. 10:45. Fiona just could not go out like that. She couldn't. What would Dom do? Fiona did not want to know. But then she came to the conclusion that, no matter how she looked at it, this was really out of her hands now. Fiona simply had to follow Dom’s instructions, hoping that she was not seen by any of her neighbours, hoping that she had more sense than it appeared right now. But hey, even if somebody saw her leaving her flat in drag, this could always be a woman she had picked up in a bar the night before. That helped a bit. 10:50. Needed to get ready, slowly. Nice and sunny outside, with a light breeze. Sunny? Well, there was an idea! She had bought sunglasses a while ago, for exactly that purpose. They were woman's sunglasses, and would take some of the pressure off. Nobody could look her in the eye anymore, and chances of passing were drastically improved. But were they? In a moment of panic she looked all over her apartment, but was finally able to find them. Great. Much better. 10:55. ("Don't be late!!!") Time to go.

Fiona grabbed her purse that Dom had left at her flat the night before, took a deep breath, opened the door and stepped out. This time she did not even have keys to lock her apartment, and so she simply pulled the door in the lock and quickly stepped down the three stairs onto the paved walkway. A family was walking on the far left, giving her a brief glimpse, and a guy came from the right. Fiona had to turn right, and he gave her a very interested look, his eyes fixed on her breasts, though, which were bouncing slightly with every step. She quickly walked by him, turned in the way that led to Dom's flat, and with a few steps was standing in front of Dom’s door, her heart racing. 11 o'clock. She rang her bell and waited, standing with her back to the walkway for a minute, that seemed like an eternity. No response. Fiona rang again, feeling like a thousand eyes were looking at her back. Still nothing. She did not dare to turn around. After about five minutes of fruitless waiting, Fiona decided she had to move on and go back to the safety of her own flat. She was just about to turn around and leave, when she heard Dom’s voice from behind: "Oh you're in time! I am sorry but I just went out for a walk." Fiona turned around and looked at her. She looked great, dressed in black leather pants and a light summer jacket with leopard print. "You look nice, sweetheart!", Dom shouted out, and Fiona returned her compliment timidly. It slowly dawned to Fiona that Dom was probably just coming from her apartment and had locked it from outside. Dom still had her keys. Damn it. Fiona was sure she had locked her out, but Dom was just as cheerful as last night. "So shall we go inside?", Fiona managed to ask timidly. "But why? It is such a nice day for a walk! I know a good place for brunching, where we can sit down and chat!" It sounded like a suggestion, but Fiona knew better than that. Fiona had no choice, but to go with her.

As the night before, Dom was dominating the conversation. But Fiona admitted to herself, that she thoroughly enjoyed that part. Dom kept assuring her that she looked great and nobody could tell. Fiona noticed that most people passing them gave them only a brief glimpse and then minded their own business. She silently enjoyed her skirt flying with every little breeze. Dom told her that "passing" was all about confidence: "If you are comfortable with yourself, people will not dare to bother you. That's what gave you away yesterday. You really look great, and nobody will ever notice, if you show a bit of confidence. So chin up and tits out! You have nothing to be ashamed of." They chatted about her cross dressing experience, and Fiona did not even bother to lie, as she was sure that Dom would catch her out immediately. Dom made her feel comfortable and accepted. After a walk of 20 minutes, Dom directed them towards a café, which offered a brunch. Fiona hesitated, but Dom just walked ahead without giving her a glimpse, and Fiona knew that she had to follow her. Dom picked a table for two at the window and sat down. "You will have to take your sunglasses off in here, dear, or otherwise you’ll look silly." Dom was right, but it still took Fiona a lot of courage to take off her shades. "Tits out!", she commanded suddenly, as Fiona tried to hunch her shoulders, "I do not want to be caught here with you, just because Mrs. Pound-me-in-the-arse thinks she doesn't feel comfortable with herself!" Dom had not even bothered to lower her voice, and Fiona looked nervously around, but none of the customers had heard her. Fiona sat up straight, nervously glancing down at her glorious breasts. "Chin up!" She talked even louder, and some people briefly looked up. "That's better, and keep that as a warning!". Then Dom smiled at her. Fiona was fucked, and they both knew it.

A waiter came and brought them menus, offering coffee. It took him a couple of moments to direct his looks away from Fiona’s breast, and he spilled some coffee. "Now, what the hell is YOUR problem?", Dom shouted at him, and he blushed deeply as he apologized and left, but not without another last glance at Fiona’s breasts. Fiona was embarrassed too, by all the attention they’d got from the other customers, but Dom obviously enjoyed the whole situation. The waiter returned and took their orders, and they were back at their conversation. Fiona told Dom how she had improved her outfit, and that she was proud of herself for daring to leave the car and go for a night stroll, but how she just was not quite ready for another night like last night. "Wait and see, soon you will be totally comfortable in your sluttiest outfits in the busiest bars!" Dom assured her. Fiona was not sure if she found that comforting. Dom told Fiona that she knew a lot about cross dressers and their secret fantasies (Fiona sure hoped, not!), because she had had cross dressing friends before and read some of their magazines. Again not much of a comfort. "We will simply have to break you in.", she finished. Great. Again this "we". Fiona had not dared to ask her for the return of her male clothes, yet, but now was the time. Fiona told her about the important meeting she had the next day, and how she desperately needed her male clothes back. Dom was well satisfied to hear that. "I will put you through a little test today, and when you pass, I will give you back your male clothes. Don't worry", Dom assured Fiona when she saw her face," I have already started the test, and you are doing extremely well! And now tits out!" she commanded in the end. The waiter brought their orders, and he blushed again.

They left the café. "Let's do a bit of sightseeing! How well do you know the city?" Again a suggestion, but again not much of a choice. Dom entered a bus that went downtown, and Fiona had to follow her. An embarrassing moment occurred when Fiona needed to pay for the ride, but had no money on her. She had to call back Dom and ask her for money. The driver stared at her. Dom paid for Fiona and walked ahead to the very end of the bus, as Fiona felt twenty pairs of eyes staring at her. Fiona had learned her lesson, though, and kept her chin up and her shoulders back, but was glad she’d brought her sunglasses, which she was wearing again. To her terror, most of the seats in the back were already taken, Dom had sat down next to a young girl, while the only other seat left for Fiona was next to some middle aged guy with a walkman. Out of the corner of one eye, Fiona saw Dom smiling satisfied, while out of the corner of the other eye, she saw the guy next to her staring at her breast out of the corner of his eye. Fiona had never realized, how much well bodied woman are harassed in public, and made a mental note to herself to treat women more respectfully than she felt treated right now. Fiona pressed her knees firmly together and arranged her skirt, but she still felt his leg starting to press against hers. When she retreated, he gave up immediately, but kept staring.

They arrived downtown and Dom jumped off the bus, with Fiona following suit. They walked around and did sightseeing. Fiona enjoyed the breeze playing with her skirt all the time, and she must say that she felt more comfortable with every moment. Clearly, nobody had recognized her for what she was, and if they had, they did not care. "Wait a second!", said Dom, and went to a Japanese tourist passing by, "Would you be so kind and take a picture of the both of us?", she asked him, and produced a digital camera out of her handbag. Shit. Fiona knew she was in for it. "Take off you shades, sweetie!" Two women at the water front on a late-summer day. One smiling. One not. Click. Great. "Thank you very much!". It continued this way. By late afternoon, she must have had twenty pictures of the two of them, or of Fiona alone, taken by herself. She would direct Fiona in a way that her tits were the single biggest attraction in the pictures. Fiona bending over a water fountain, drinking, with her tits hanging down. Click. She was a skilled photographer, using all the light to her advantage. At one point Dom arranged her in the shadow on a park bench, reading a book which Dom had got out of her handbag, with her legs crossed in a way that her skirt showed off the seams of her stockings. Fiona tried to protest, but she knew it was a lost cause. Dom was in control, and immediately let her know of that. Fiona just gave in.

"Now look at these and tell me, who on earth would think that this is not a woman!". They were sitting in a café in the late afternoon, scanning through the pictures. Dom also pointed out to Fiona on some pictures, some of the slight mistakes which she had made in her pose, looking less feminine. "This is what we will have to work on, dear, in a few weeks you will fool everybody, and than we will move to step two." Fiona remembered these immortal words as clearly as they were spoken that day. Fiona really did not want to know, what "step two" was. She simply hoped this was an empty threat, and that it would all be over tomorrow. Finally they left and took the bus home. By then, though, Fiona had become entirely accustomed to being a woman, and she even had taken to stare back hard at the guys who could not take their eyes of her. The bus ride did not scare her as much, either, and they went back to Dom’s apartment

..………….(to be continued)

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