Maiden Voyage  

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2/10/2006 10:39 pm

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Maiden Voyage

Welcome to my Blog... or fuck log. We will begin with my 1st..

6969Dave6969: My very 1st Desi (or Indian to you) guy and I was very excited for the experience since anyone who knows me knows about my love for India, it's culture, and people. That said, "Dave" was very easy to be with, not to mention that we had an enormous amount in common (more than two people should if you ask me, but thats neither here nor there).

So he comes to my place well groomed and dressed, hugging me at the door. It sort of took me off guard since I have never been hugged by a one night stand in my life. We chatted briefly, followed by lots of kissing and caressing. Very sultry, passionate, gentle yet intense from start to finish. To be honest, he really seemed like he knew what I needed. Scary when that happens isnt it??

The experience was quite fulfilling in a totally different way than vaginally or clitorally orgasmic (although I did It felt intimate and close with all of the caressing and kissing ... showering. Oy ve if I wasn't so tired from hanging out with my friends, I'd say more but I'm too lazy.

The end? Dave is a mover and shaker so I thought that I would never see him again, but he actually surprised me by requesting another rendezvous. Would I like to? I dunno... the way he rocked me was in a way I'm not accustomed--as I prefer a more primal, detached environment. He excites me though, so I'm curious to see what else he has under those proverbial sleeves of his. Hmm..

Chances are, I'll rock his world next time.

Till the next folks....

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2/11/2006 5:42 am


Welcome to the Blogs

Purry {=}


FillmeCreampie 38F

2/11/2006 7:55 am

Hey Purry!

Thanks for checking my blog. Yours is pretty cool as well.


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