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4/9/2006 9:52 pm

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Kick Ass Dyke

I tell you...

when you start appealing to both sexes, they are either blind as hell or you have that X factor making you look oh so good.

Today must have been my bifem day, because here I am getting an assload of emails from M/F couples where the woman is head over heels dying to have me. I just don't get it really... lol.

I'm so against doing girl-on-girl that it's ridiculous. Everything that a girl does sexually, I could get from a man and more. I have always wondered what women got from interacting with other women sexually. I was a fag hag in a past life, so I totally get gay men. The fact that we both actually fuck (experience penetration) binds us as "soul sistas"-- but that's a tad one sided, as I have known some very masculine gay men.

Anyway... I could possibly be the only woman in the world who appreciates gay male porn. I got off watching Brokeback Mountain (minus the ending). God that was hot.

Chalk it up to my phallic obsession I suppose, but once again I digress.

How could I be against g-on-g and I never tried it? Well, I NEVER said I didn't...

I was 10.. and she was 12. A really cute girl named Brandi who lived in an apt down the hall from mine. We were playmates since toddlerhood and shared everything...

down to sharing what we each tasted like below. It happened once, and my grandmother almost caught us in my canopy bed. Brandi said she saw something she wanted to try. We rubbed and caressed chests and bellies. She ate me out.. I ate her out. We didn't cum because we didn't do it long enough, and afterwards, we didn't know what the hell to think about the whole experience..

but we never did it again.

Ok, I'm lying. I thought "this tastes nowhere near like pixie sticks" and "if I get caught.. I am soooo dead!"

but we really never did do it again. Brandi and her mom moved 2 mths later.

Plus, we suddenly became obsessed with boys, the NY Mets, and playing house. *LOL* Ah, the 80's....

Brandi was my 1st oral sex experience (until again with a boy at 17), and I never thought to taste myself until I was 18. How strange isn't it?

Perhaps women sense that I have tested the waters, and think that I may one day decide to revisit the issue--but I'm not interested-- even if you have a strap on.

(No semen no glory... and that's my partyline).

but if I ever get tired of men... I know one thing.

I'd could definitely be welcomed into the feminine fold-- crossover.

Be a kick ass dyke.

As an aside, I often wonder:

If I were blindfolded and someone started eating my pussy.. and it felt really good to me.. and I didnt know it was a girl-- and it WAS...

would I CARE? Would I want the good feelings to stop? Straight men, what do you think of this in a vice versa sense?

Dunno...but I like to mentally challenge myself. This blog isnt named Juxtaposed for nothing yanno.

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